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The Healing Power of Menstruation

Recently, I have been going through some past journals. This has been a spacial activity that feels nice and easy to do during deep luteal and moon time.

I felt inspired to share a journal entry from day two of my bleed. It portrays the energy of moon time that I’ve been tapping into for years and why I honor it as such a sacred and ceremonial time.

I have learned over the years that if I don’t allow myself the time and space to completely slow down and just be, that it is more difficult for me to enter into this space.

I have come a long way in the art of doing nothing. While I’m no master yet, I have learned to let go and let be, particularly while I bleed and these are the states I enter, time and time again. Enjoy!

“I’m officially floating in the cosmos with waves of renewal and cosmic blood washing over my being. Words elude me as I struggle to form sentences. The inner temple is such a place of spaciousness and feeling. I find it difficult to use words here, just as I do when I am on some kind of medicine journey.

I have arrived in that place of receiving the mother hug. My cup is being filled until it overfloweth and then filling some more.

To taste the nectar of sweet renewal

This is where I come to restore my energy. It feels good to be emptied out. I thrive in a space where I am able to completely let go of everything and enter into a state of bliss. A place of union with the divine where peace and oneness envelope me in a cocoon of healing energy. This is where the magic happens.

This is where my nervous system can completely reset itself. I arrive at this place of inner knowing. Deep truth. A resounding feeling that everything is as it should be. I feel so held. Like I am in the arms of the divine mother. The ultimate nurturer. This is where I come into union with my own soul.

The chambers of separation and surrender support me in the death of my ego and releasing what is not serving. My willingness to let it all go brings me to the seat of my soul where all things are known.

Cycle after cycle, more layers are shed. Each time, emerging that much more in alignment with my power and purpose. This is one of the most beautiful spiritual practices that I have ever come to know. Every moon time, I set the stage right. I enter into this place of union with all that is.

I arrive in a blissful state of existence where all there is to do, requires no doing at all


In fact, it requires a complete surrender of all doing, so I can simply be. Alas, I am carried away into a sweet oceanic sea where I am one with everything. This is all happening inside of me. To be fully present to it all is sheer magic. The dynamic, cyclical nature of being a woman is so fun!”

Do you know that it is possible to access states such as these while bleeding? That instead of feeling drained and left dreading your period that you have access to a total reset and to enter into complete renewal?

Your time of bleeding is sacred, powerful and profound. It is literally one of my favorite things of being a woman. I absolutely love my wild, cyclical nature! This journal entry is one of the reasons why I’m so passionate about sharing this work, I want more and more women to get completely charged up from their period and it is my mission to transform how we talk about and view menstruation. It has the power to heal and align us with our purpose and so many of us just push it away.

If you feel inspired in anyway after reading this, ask yourself this question, “How can I learn to embrace my period and consciously slow down and be just a little bit more next time I bleed?”

And know that I’m here for you if you feel like you want or need any extra support in anyway!

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