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Cycle Speak

What is cycle speak?  I’m so glad you asked! 

According to the official definition found in the Merriam Webster Dictionary 😉 

cycle speak is defined as follows:

Cycle Speak Definition.png

Cycle speak is a term I use to define the practice of infusing menstrual cycle language into your

everyday life.  When people in your life understand cycle speak, it brings a sense of ease to

communication.  A simple statement of “I’m in deep luteal on day 27 and

just entered separation” says it all.

It provides a platform to unapologetically, honestly and lovingly talking to other humans about your 

cycle and to understand women more, for the benefit of all humankind.

Cycle speak is a Simple way that we can
collectively create a new paradigm around women’s bodies and menstruation

Through my offerings, I help you to lay the ground work to incorporate cycle speak into your life with ease.  I teach you the foundation of mapping out your cycle in a way that you learn to understand the influence your hormones are having on you AND the language to talk about it.

Below I break down general cycle terminology so that you can be in the know when it

comes to being cycle savvy and able to confidently speak about where you are in your cycle.

Image by Katie Treadway

General terminology

Moon Time-

A word to express that you are on your period without having to say the word period or menstruation.  This can be more gentle and socially acceptable and serves as a reminder of the connection between your monthly cycle and the moon.  You can simply say, "I'm on my moon" or "It's Moon Time".


The official definition is: The material, consisting of blood and cellular debris from the uterus, discharged during menstruation.  However, you can also use this word as an alternative to period or menstruation.  "I just got my menses" or "I'm on my menses".


Menstrual Cycle-

Menstrual Cycle Awareness-

The first menstrual period of a girl or woman.  This word is not commonly used, but is helpful to know what it means.

Speaking to the entirety of the menstrual cycle, including all four phases.  One menstrual cycle lasts from day one of your period to the last day before your next period.

In short, menstrual cycle awareness (MCA) is the act of knowing where you are in your cycle on any given day.  This means knowing what day you are on, the inner season you are in and what that personally means for you.  (Read my blog post to dive deeper.)

The Phases and Inner Seasons of
the Menstrual Cycle:

Phase, Season-

The phases or seasons are specific words to reference what part of your cycle you are in.  The phase or season can be used interchangeably.

Menstruation, Menstrual-

The phase of your menstrual cycle when you are actively bleeding.  Day one of your cycle and the menstrual phase begins when you start bleeding and ends when you are done.

Inner Winter-

The inner season that is associated with your menstrual phase.  You can use this word interchangeably with menstrual/menstruation to describe which phase you are in.  This is when your energy is most internal and hormones are the lowest.


The follicular phase is what you enter into after menstruation is complete.  Follicular is referencing the stimulation of the follicles that is happening inside the ovaries in preparation for ovulation.

Inner Spring-

The inner season that is associated with the follicular phase.  You can use this word interchangeably with follicular to describe which phase you are in.  This is when your energy and hormones start to build.


Another word that can be used to describe the follicular phase.  This time is all about your body preparing to release an egg for potential fertilization.

Ovulation, Ovulatory-

The ovulatory or ovulation phase is what you enter into after follicular.  To be clear, you are not ovulating this entire time.  However, it is used in reference to being in the peak of estrogen and the full energy of ovulation.  Ovulation itself is only a 12-24 hour event.

Inner Summer-

The inner season that is associated with the ovulatory phase.  You can use this phrase interchangeably with ovulation to describe which phase you are in.  This is when your energy and estrogen peak to the all time high of your cycle.

Ovulation Come Down-

The oftentimes dramatic shift in energy when you no longer have a fertile egg alive in your body.  Estrogen takes a drastic plummet for a couple days.  You can go from feeling super sexy and like your most confident self, to feeling super down with no motivation to do anything.

Post ovulation-

A phrase typically used to describe the luteal phase in entirety, which is the phase of the cycle that comes post ovulation.  It's used particularly in regards to fertility.  You'll often hear the cycle divided into pre-ovulation and post ovulation.


Inner Fall-

Deep Luteal-


Deep Luteal Dragon,
The Bitch-

Cross Over Days-

The luteal phase is what you enter into after ovulation, oftentimes signaled by ovulation come down.  The luteal phase is the longest phase of your cycle.

The inner season that is associated with the luteal phase.  You can use this phrase interchangeably with luteal to describe which phase you are in.  This is when your energy and hormones start to drop and your awareness becomes increasingly internal.

This refers to the approximately 1-5 days (although some cycles it feels longer) prior to beginning your period.  This is when you are deep in the luteal phase, potentially questioning a lot of things in your life, while your inner critic is in your face.

Another word used to describe the luteal phase and even more commonly, the deep luteal phase, when you really notice a shift into pre-menstrual energy.

The infamous deep luteal dragon.  This is the part of you that comes out during the deep luteal phase that is ready to burn some shit down.  It is used interchangeably with 'the bitch', which is not openly accepted in our culture.  They both have their rightful place and need to come out at times.

This is when you are changing from one season to the next and you aren't quite in one or the other.  These can be inherently sticky or challenging days within your cycle.  It can be difficult to switch gears and change to a different pace when you were so used to the one before.  Whatever cross over day it is, they all can come with some resistance to change.

The non-cycling years:


Pre-menopause essentially refers to your cycling years before you begin peri-menopause.  A woman enters into pre-menopause when she begins her first menses.


Your body is preparing to no longer be cycling in the ways it once did when you were experiencing an active menstrual cycle.  The ovaries gradually stop maturing eggs and releasing large amounts of hormones.  The changes may be subtle and gradual to begin with, becoming more noticeable as you get closer to menopause.  This phase can last anywhere from 3-10 years.


This is the permanent cessation of menstruation and most commonly occurs between the ages of 45-55.

“At her first bleeding a
woman meets her power. 
During her bleeding years
she practices it. 
At menopause she becomes it.”

                           -Native American Proverb

Want to learn how to become more cycle savvy and confidently use cycle speak like a boss? 


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