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Cree Anaiyah Cox is an Holistic Womb Educator,

Cycle Mentor & Arvigo Practitioner®

She is on a mission to liberate women from external systems of control through education, inspiration and empowerment.


She is passionate about all things that have

to do with the different cycles and seasons of womanhood from menarche to pregnancy, birth, motherhood, menstruation, menopause and beyond.


A natural sacred rebel, she is here to challenge the status quo and talk about all the things we’re not “supposed” to talk about and to inspire women to occupy their womb space.


She has always marched to the beat of her own drum, discovering her unique path and purpose in life.  This has led her to discover the power of consciously working with her menstrual cycle and she is here to share that wisdom with the world.


For the past decade, she has been working with her menstrual cycle as her most trusted ally and internal compass. She plans her entire life around her moon time and cycle as a whole.  This has been the most transformational spiritual practice she has ever found.

"Through my journey of deepening Self-Love,

I became interested in my own menstrual cycle and how it can be a gateway to higher states of consciousness, a monthly ritual of self-care and a way to become deeply connected with my own feminine wisdom.
I knew I had to share this

with other women."


As a professionally trained massage therapist with over 13 years of experience, her natural calling is that of healing and service.  


A forever student, Cree has expanded her skills and education through various avenues of self study and trainings, such as:​​

  • Life Skills and Coaching Certification: Dream Makers Academy - 06’-07’

  • Myotherapy College of Utah - 2009

  • YogAlign® Teacher Training - 2010

  • Craniosacral Therapy Level 1 & 2 - 2013

  • The Holistic Women’s Wellness Mentor Training - 2014

  • Pre & Post Natal Massage - 2015

  • Earth Changers Mastermind - April-December 2016

  • Arvigo® Therapy Self Care Training - Level 1 - January 2017

  • Arvigo® Therapy Professional Care Training - Level 2 - May 2017

  • Mentorship w/ Deanna L’am - June-Nov 2018

  • Personal Empowerment Series - May-October 2021

  • Advanced Journeying - November-April 2021/22

  • Honor of Healing Others - May-October 2022

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