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Who I Am

Cree Anaiyah Cox is a Holistic Cycle Mentor,

Master Massage Therapist & Celtic Soul Guide

I am on a mission to liberate women from outside influences

that dictate their lives, through education, inspiration,

and empowerment.

Through nurturing personal growth and awareness, I provide educational opportunities, mentoring and healing sessions 

that continuously align women with intuitive rhythms

and clear guidance.

I am passionate about all things that have

to do with cycles, ritual, healing and supporting humans in

 living a more aligned, authentic and harmonious life. 


A natural sacred rebel, I am here to challenge the status quo

and talk about all the things we’re not “supposed” to talk

about through normalizing the conversation around the 

things that really matter.


I am a multifaceted woman offering a myriad of services around cycles, soul and healing.

Ultimately, my desire is to serve you in living a life of more balance, ease and

feeling good in your body.

I have personally been on the path of wellness and healing for 16+ years.  I have dedicated my time and energy into gaining skills in many different modalities so that I can better serve my community.

You know that you are the glue that keeps everything together in your business and home life. 

Without you things would, well... crumble, to say the least.

I'm here to support you in coming together - heart, mind, body and soul - so that you can

continue to be the strong and stable support that so many people rely on.

Say goodbye to the days where you feel like you're falling apart, just to keep everything

else in your life together.

Image by Amy Shamblen
My Work
my soul path
my passion
My purpose

I believe that a happy and satisfied woman = a happy and satisfied life for all.

You know the saying, "a happy wife equals a happy life?"

To a degree that is true.  I also believe that everyone is independently responsible for their own happiness.  AND, when mama is happy and stable, so is everyone else!

I am here to support you in being a happy and satisfied woman so that you can stop surviving and start thriving as the beautiful, empowered, confident, strong and sexy self that you are!

Image by Hanna Postova

It's time love...

It's time that you feel good in your body.  It's time that you learn to work in harmony with your cycle.

It's time that you fill your cup and give to yourself in all the amazing ways that you give to others.

It's time that you no longer feel at the whim of your seemingly unpredictable hormones.

It's time that you give yourself a little TLC and the self-care you know you need.

No more stress, no more burnout, no more overwhelm.

It's your time.

"Through my journey of deepening Self-Love,

I became interested in my own menstrual cycle and how it can be a gateway to higher states of consciousness, a monthly ritual of self-care and a way to become deeply connected with my own feminine wisdom.
I knew I had to share this

with other women."


I am a forever student who has expanded my skills and education through various avenues of self study and trainings, such as:​​

  • Life Skills and Coaching Certification: Arise Leadership Academy - 06’-07’

  • Myotherapy College of Utah - 2009

  • YogAlign® Teacher Training - 2010

  • Craniosacral Therapy Level 1 & 2 - 2013

  • The Holistic Women’s Wellness Mentor Training - 2014

  • Pre & Post Natal Massage - 2015

  • Earth Changers Mastermind - April-December 2016

  • Arvigo® Therapy Self Care Training - Level 1 - January 2017

  • Arvigo® Therapy Professional Care Training - Level 2 - May 2017

  • Mentorship w/ Deanna L’am - June-Nov 2018

  • Hands On Charting For Fertility - March-July 2020

  • Personal Empowerment Series - May-October 2021

  • Advanced Journeying - November-April 2021/22

  • Honor of Healing Others - May-October 2022

  • The Well: Certified Fertility Awareness Educator Training - January2023-December 2025

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