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I'm not a shaman, and I will never claim to be one.  I know that is a very specific initiatory journey and specific terminology used in various cultures.  What I am is a practitioner of Celtic Shamanism, which is a specific healing modality that I have trained and studied in.

A shamanic healing session promotes healing to your body, mind and spirit by working directly on your soul, aka spirit body.  When you heal the spirit body, you are addressing things at the root.

Through this lens, we are able to see where any blocks, energy drains, unhealthy relationship cords, power loss or negative energies are and remove or heal them.


By removing negative energy, energy blocks or restoring lost soul pieces, healing can be experienced on many different levels that translate into tangible, physical changes.

In other words, when you heal the roots, everything else will follow.  In order to have a healthy, vibrant and vital ecosystem of self, one must tend to the roots to ensure health in the whole.

This is sacred work and one of the most powerful tools I use to address things on the spirit level.

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As a practitioner of Celtic Shamanism, I work with your spirit body to promote healing and support in bringing balance and a sense of wholeness, alignment and ease into your life.

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Image by Joshua Sortino

Many experience deep levels of forgiveness for themselves and others, receive clarity where there was previously confusion and find the ability to move forward with a renewed sense of confidence in their lives.  They become fully inspired and empowered to take the next step.

What to Expect:

Remote Session:  Each session is done on the spiritual plane which means that a session can be done no matter where you are in the world.  This helps to prevent any interference from the physical self or ego mind.  Because of this, distance healing is best.  You are a multidimensional being and your soul is able to exist in many different places at the same time.

Session Length: 2 hrs

At the beginning of the session you will call me via a Zoom link to briefly discuss your intention and ask any questions.  We then hang up and I perform the session on the spirit plane.   Times can vary, but the healing session typically takes about 1 hr.  The intention is always to address what is in your highest good. The rest unfolds from there. 


After the session is complete we will hop on a Zoom call (no video), and I will share with you the details of your healing and answer any questions.  This will take 20-30 minutes.  You will receive a recording upon completion and any suggested information to help in your integration process.

*If you require longer than 30 minutes we can book another session for spiritual guidance.

Prior to the Session: You will send me your full name, date of birth, city you will be in during the session and a current photo.

How to Prepare: I ask that you come to the session with a clear intention in regards to what you would like to accomplish with your healing session.  If you aren't 100% clear on what that is, I can help you find clarity on our call.  It's best to schedule a session on a day that allows you some flexibility the following day to nurture yourself.

Environment: I ask that you be in an environment conducive to healing.  It is fine if you are eating dinner, listening to relaxing music or even sleeping.  Working or driving is not recommended for optimal results.  You do not need to be meditating while the session is being performed, although some clients like to and may see, feel and experience the energy work being done.

Integration: When healing occurs on the soul level, there can sometimes be a brief reintegration process with your body and mind.  This looks different for every individual.  I will share with you how it will affect you specifically.  After the session it is common to feel a sense of relief, clarity and lightness.  However, you may experience an emotional release or physical fatigue.  Allowing spaciousness for integration is essential.  A typical integration period lasts one week, but this time varies depending on the clearing that was done.

You can support yourself by drinking plenty of clean water (spring or filtered), eating nourishing foods, drinking warm herbal tea, getting into nature, grounding with bare feet on the grass, listening to soothing music, going on a walk, deep breathing or meditation.

You will receive specific information on helpful practices to do to support your integration process and may also receive messages from your guides, ancestors or higher self.

Follow up Sessions: The number of sessions needed varies widely from person to person and the level of healing that needs to be addressed.  If there are deeply rooted generational or entity issues, more than one is highly recommended.  If more than one session is recommended, I will let you know on our call.


Some clients prefer to schedule regular appointments for healing.  I trust you know what is best for you and will not pressure you.  Listen to your intuition and proceed accordingly. This is a very personal process and you must go at your own pace.


Shamanic Healing

2 Hours


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