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Are You a Soulful & Passionate Woman Craving More Balance and Ease in Life?

Are you ready to bump yourself up on your priority list and not feel guilty about it?

Do you desire a harmonious integration of work, personal life, and spiritual practices to support your overall well-being?

Are you craving to embrace more of your feminine power and to gain deeper trust with your body and intuition?

Want to discover ways that you can use cycle mastery to work smarter, not harder, and minimize overwhelm and burnout?


Let's be honest...  You're a busy woman who lives a full life.

  Between juggling home, work and personal life demands you often feel like things would be much easier if there were two of you!

You crave more balance in your life and seek to prioritize self-care amidst all the doing.

You struggle with feeling disconnected from your body and cycle and want to clear emotional blocks so you can experience life more fully.

You're on a path of self-discovery, personal growth, healing and transformation.  You have been learning so much, but at times it feels overwhelming and hard to piece together.

You are willing to invest your time and energy into the support and guidance you need, but it can't just be anyone.  You need someone who gets you.  They need to align with your spiritual path and walk their talk. 


You want someone you vibe with, who you can literally talk to about

anything and not feel weird.

Image by Johnny McClung

Does any of this resonate?

If so, I've got your back!

My private mentoring is designed to nurture

your body, mind, and soul, offering you the tools

and wisdom to navigate life and your cycle with grace, ease and authenticity.

I create a safe and nurturing environment with customized support so that you can effortlessly  step into your full feminine radiance and magnetism.  My intention is to help you design your life with your cycle, so that you feel expansive, joyful, radiant and connected in ALL ways - mind, body & spirit.

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Once women of the world are empowered, great healing and change will follow 

"I loved Cree’s gentle guidance.  Her invitation to really show up and do the work.  She taught me something I should already know, but the WAY she delivers it doesn't feel like I'm in elementary school.  I feel like a goddess and she helped teach me about my powers and how to use them.  Her honesty and easygoing personality put me at ease from our first session.  Her willingness to be present with and connected to her own cycle flow helped me to understand how to be present with mine. She is RAW, BEAUTIFUL, FEMININE, POWERFUL, AMAZING. Her passion for empowering women is refreshing and inspirational.”


-Brandy Lund, Maternity Massage Specialist

What I Offer...

My private mentoring is a hybrid of in person via zoom and on going support with voice and text messaging via Telegram.  It is essentially like having a private mentor in your pocket that you can reach out to whenever you desire.

This is my favorite way to do mentoring sessions and what I personally do with my coach.

We begin with a 1 hour deep dive to get clear on your intentions and how I can best support you.  After that, our mentoring takes place daily on Telegram where you can message me whenever anything comes up and receive direct support in the moment with audio that you'll have access to forever.  You can pause to take notes, rewind to go back to the gems and listen whenever it's convenient for your busy life.

Image by J Lee

1 Month

Private Mentoring

Image by Christie Kim

3 Months

Private Mentoring

1 Month Private Coaching

This is the perfect option if you desire consistent support and guidance.

We begin our 1 month private mentoring with a 

1-hr deep dive via Zoom to hone in on your desires during our time working together.

After the deep dive, all mentoring will take place on Telegram.

*Additional zoom sessions are available on an as needed basis.

3 Months Private Coaching

This is the perfect option if you desire consistent support and guidance and you know 1 month isn't enough!

We begin our 3 month private mentoring with a 

1-hr deep dive via Zoom to hone in on your desires during our time working together.

After the deep dive, all mentoring will take place on Telegram.

*Additional zoom sessions are available on an as needed basis.


Here's the thing... sometimes it can feel confusing when you begin the path of cycle mastery.

I've found for myself and my clients that women often need regular reminders and support when it comes to navigating the different phases and hormonal influences of the menstrual cycle.

Things are changing so much based on your hormones throughout the month and often times you need my support until your footing becomes more solid and you gain a deeper understanding of how the phases of your cycle influence your life.

If you are committed to creating a life of balance and ease through cycle mastery and are

ready to invest in yourself, I would love to work with you!


I am committed to supporting you in your personal growth and empowerment on your path of

cycle mastery and living a soul aligned life.  I want to see you thrive!

If you know it's a yes to work together, choose your preferred option above.  If you have any questions or want to make sure it's a good fit, you can either message me directly on Facebook or Instagram (@creeanaiyahcox), or you can schedule a free Clarity Call.


“The opportunity to work with Cree was a beautiful and fulfilling experience. The results of it have had consistent, long-lasting and sustainable effects. Cree provides assistance in self-realization that allows you to transform your reality by becoming aware of what you desire in your internal and external life.

She gently helps you shift into a higher perspective and vibration, which reflects back to you how you desire to feel on a day to day basis. Through compassionate honesty, she provides feedback and helps you take accountability for yourself. Cree is great in assisting you while you work through your process of transformation. She leads with example, from the deepest heart space.


Coaching with Cree has greatly benefited my entire reality in multiple ways. I will truly never be the same.”


-Megan Ewert

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