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Welcome to the
Moon Lodge

The Moon Lodge is a sacred, safe and intentional gathering space
to honor, support and nurture sisters during their moon time.

A co-creative sisterhood of women supporting women.

A place to heal, return to wholeness, embody divine feminine wisdom
and awaken our wild and creative power, through honoring
our inner seasons and all of life.

This is the collective Inner Temple of Menstruation.

 "A beautiful, nurturing, safe haven for women/sisters.  I found respite, sisterhood, freedom and authentic love! "  


During my first ever moon time retreat in 2012, I had a vision come through about creating a modern day red tent.  For years I have been creating my own moon lodge space at home, carving out time to retreat and be in ceremony during my moon, but I had yet to create one on a larger scale.

In 2020, I held a red tent workshop at a festival in Southern Colorado, which then led to the inception of the Moon Lodge at Unison Fest for its first year September, 2021.

Finally, a vision made manifest and birthed into form....

The Moon Lodge was born from the desire to have a safe space for our bleeding sisters and women to retreat to during the festival to rest, nourish, dream, vision, be held by other sisters and just be.


Turns out that having a moon lodge at transformational consciousness festivals is not only needed, but it is necessary and serves as an anchor point for the entire festival.


Why Call it a Moon Lodge?

The term Moon Lodge comes from Native American traditions.  It was a special place designated for the women to gather when  they were bleeding. 

They were relieved of their daily duties and got to retreat in the company of their Sisters.

No men were allowed in the Moon Lodge. Just as women were not allowed in the Warrior Societies.

Time spent in the Moon Lodge was a time to rest, heal, nourish, dream, vision not only for themselves but for the tribe at large and to honor the connection with the earth.

Using the term Moon Lodge is a way to honor these ancient traditions of women honoring the sacredness of their blood & connection to all of life.

As well as to acknowledge the importance of having such spaces in our communities at large.


The Moon Lodge
at Unison Fest


SEPTEMBER 7-10, 2023

The Moon Lodge is currently held every year at Unison Fest, a four day transformational conscious festival filled with music, art, dance, performances, workshops, vendors, ecstatic dance, ceremony, moon lodge, men's lodge, yoga, connection to the land,

community and more!

Rumor has it that it's the best festival!

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" This is one of the most amazing things I’ve seen at a festival!  I feel so seen and I appreciate that this space has been activated here.  Please keep doing what you do.  Your contribution is SO valued.  A space like this should exist at every festival! "

The healing that takes place at the Moon Lodge is profound.  The energy is palpable. 

I've been moved to tears, had full body chills with a resounding, "this is why I do this." 


We are remembering the lost (but not forgotten) sacred ways of the feminine.

We are restoring the sacred temple spaces that honor the cycle that creates all of life.

We are honoring all of the peoples who have come before us,

walking in honor of these sacred ways.




Women's Wisdom

Workshop Tent


Organic Handmade Chocolates

Image by Drew Jemmett

Cycle Specific 

Herbal Tea


Sacred Yoni

Blood Offering





River Access







Altars for 


Image by Marcus Wallis

Fresh & Seasonal


“I absolutely LOVE the way you and your team set up the women's area and ran the programs there. So well done!!”  -Signa O. Cheney

Women's Wisdom Tent Workshop Unison Fest 2022

If you're interested in booking the Moon Lodge for your event or want to schedule a private consultation about how you can set one up on your own, contact me here

What Women Are Saying

"Your presence here is reassuring to our remembrance of our wild womb-ing.  Thank you for your time, effort and inspiration.  Your seeds of nurturance will be felt infinitely."

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