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Hi Beautiful, 
I'm Cree Anaiyah

Holistic Womb Educator, Cycle Mentor & Arvigo® Practitioner 

I Teach Women How to Live Life in Sync With Their Natural Rhythm and Flow

I support them in minimizing stress and increasing their capacity to experience more ease, joy, freedom and alignment in everyday life!

My Mission...

Is to liberate women from external systems of control by 


and tuning into the inherent wisdom of their body and menstruation​

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I see you. . . i hear you. . . I feel you. . .

You're done feeling like an alien in your own body

You're tired of seeking advice from people and professionals outside of

you that don't really seem to help​

You're so over feeling like you aren't being heard

You're done trying to be someone that you're not

You're done living in a way that does not honor ALL of you

You no longer want to feel like you are at the whim of your 

unpredictable hormones and emotions

And, enough of trying to be all the things, to all the people, ALL THE TIME!

You know you are here for more than that

You want to feel at home in your own body​

You desire advice from people and professionals that will actually ​

hear you, offering things that help

You want to experience life as your whole self, in a way that honors ALL of you


You want to live in a more heart centered and nourishing way

You want to feel like you are in the drivers seat of your hormones and emotions

You are ready to fall in love with you and experience a deep

and unyielding self-love

You are finally ready to prioritize you and your own needs

(psssst... just because you have needs does not mean you're needy!)

Image by Romina Farías

You Are Woman...

You are a dynamic and cyclical

You are an embodiment of the divine feminine

You are wise, wild and free

You are a sovereign being

You are the maiden, the mother, the enchantress and the crone

You are the weaver of your destiny

It is time that you reclaim your power, sit upon your throne

and claim the life that is yours​

It is time to start living life in a way that feels supportive,

nourishing and deeply fulfilling

This is your life and it is time to live it fully

I am here for you...

I am here to support you in discovering your wild power and falling in love with

ALL of you, not just the parts that are "socially acceptable" and kind.

I am here to remind you of the magic of menstruation and your wild feminine ways.

 We're in this together. 

Wherever you are in your journey,

I would love to support you.

When Women Stand Together in Their Power, Mountains Will Be Moved

What I Offer

What I Offer - 1on1.png
1 on 1 Mentoring

Receive practical, intuitive, heart-centered guidance to support you in your cyclical needs and desires

What I Offer.png
Arvigo Therapy®

Discover the ancient Maya techniques 

 of abdominal massage to reconnect you to your core and optimize your well-being as a woman

What I Offer - Events.png
Body Work

My body work practice is both my art and passion. Come in for a customized, intuitive & therapeutic body work session today!


What Women Are Saying

Before doing embody your flow, I had a vague understanding of  the phases of the cycle. I knew my cycles had something to do with the moon but I didn't really know how to harness the power within me. After the course, I now have a much more clear understanding of my life, why I act the way I do, & how to cooperate with the phases to have a much more stress free life. 

Lillibette Thompson 
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