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Guiding women into full self embodiment through mastering their cycles and a profound connection with their body
and feminine energy
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Hi Beautiful, I'm Cree Anaiyah Cox

I am leading a movement of women embodying their whole woman selves through mastering their cycles and cultivating a profound connection with their body and feminine energy.

Let's be honest... you're no longer willing to fit into the mold that society has constructed for you, telling you to lead with your masculine energy.

You want to feel empowered in leading your life from your feminine energy, bringing all of you, not just the socially acceptable sides or who the world tells you you should be.

You crave a life of deep satisfaction and fulfillment while experiencing a sense of ease, balance and harmony in your life.

You know that you're powerful and here to experience true liberation and freedom through surrendering into your feminine, wholeheartedly.

Your menstrual cycle is your internal compass, guiding you home to a life of alignment, purpose, power and true feminine magnetism.

No more getting sidetracked by your hormones part way through the month.


When you learn how to master your cycle, you create a connection to your body, decrease stress and overwhelm and lead your life in a truly feminine way.

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I guide women on a journey of discovering their feminine power and wisdom by teaching them foundational practices to better understand themselves, their bodies and their cycles, so that they can live a life in a way that works with their nature, rather than against it.

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Get Your Free Cycle Mastery Starter Kit!

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You can . . .

✻ Feel at home in your own body

✻ Better understand your cycle so you're not sidetracked by your hormones every month

✻ Learn to prioritize your own needs, just as much as everyone else's

✻ Be productive without being on all the time

✻ Feel empowered to lead your life with your feminine energy

✻ Create balance and harmony in your life

✻ Feel a sense of deep satisfaction and fulfillment

And you don't have to do it alone.

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I am here to guide you on your journey...

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"I had such a great time with Cree! After my session, I felt empowered to make clear, loving choices for myself. She is warm but direct and knowledgeable. I felt nurtured the whole way through. I also felt like I could just relax into our time together, while opening to receive some truly valuable guidance!"

-Sara Redman

What I Offer

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The Collective

An exclusive membership space for women who desire to master their cycles, embody cyclical wisdom and lead their lives with their feminine energy.

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Private Coaching

Receive practical, intuitive, heart-centered guidance to support you in cultivating a life of cycle mastery to bring more ease, balance and freedom to your life.

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Shamanic Healing 

By removing negative energy, energy blocks or restoring lost soul pieces, healing can be experienced on many different levels bringing healing to your body, mind and spirit.

What Women Are Saying

Working with Cree gave me a positive relationship with my cyclical nature.  Cree is an amazing listener and champion for the divine feminine.  I always left my sessions feeling like years of unnecessary mental & emotional baggage had been released.  I would recommend her to anyone seeking alignment with their masculine and feminine energies.

Angie Castle
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