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Supporting women in living a harmonious, balanced and deeply satisfying life

Do you desire to be more connected to your body?

Would you like to feel in control of your cycle instead of feeling like your cycle is in control of you?

Do you wish you could experience less overwhelm, anxiety and stress?

Hi Beautiful, 
I'm Cree Anaiyah

I support women in simplify living a healthy and balanced life so that they can have more time and energy for the things and people they love.

Whether you live locally - in or near Salt Lake City, Ut, or globally, I offer a variety of services to support you in feeling more connected to your body, reducing stress, anxiety and overwhelm and creating a life style that supports your cycle, promoting healthy and balanced hormones.

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Living a healthy and balanced life doesn't have to be hard.

I know how overwhelming it can be to try and do it on your own.  With so much conflicting information out there on the

internet with people telling you what to do and what a healthy

life 'should' look like. 


I provide a simple and practical approach that is customized

to your needs to support you in discovering what living a

healthy life looks like for you, so that you can experience more ease, balance and joy, creating more time and energy for the things and people you love.

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"I had such a great time with Cree! After my session, I felt empowered to make clear, loving choices for myself. She is warm but direct and knowledgeable. I felt nurtured the whole way through. I also felt like I could just relax into our time together, while opening to receive some truly valuable guidance!"

-Sara Redman

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You can . . .

✻ Find ease in living a healthy and balanced life

✻ Minimize PMS and experience less painful cycles

✻ Learn to prioritize your own needs, just as much as everyone else's

✻ Feel connected to your body

✻ Gain more self-confidence and embrace your feminine energy

And you don't have to do it alone.

I am here for you...

What I Offer

What I Offer - 1on1.png
1 on 1 Coaching

Receive practical, intuitive, heart-centered guidance to support you in living a healthy, balanced and deeply satisfying life.

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Shamanic Healing 

By removing negative energy, energy blocks or restoring lost soul pieces, healing can be experienced on many different levels bringing healing to your body, mind and spirit.

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Arvigo Therapy®

Discover the ancient Maya techniques 

 of abdominal massage to reconnect you to your center, enhance reproductive health and optimize your well-being as a woman

What Women Are Saying

Working with Cree gave me a positive relationship with my cyclical nature.  Cree is an amazing listener and champion for the divine feminine.  I always left my sessions feeling like years of unnecessary mental & emotional baggage had been released.  I would recommend her to anyone seeking alignment with their masculine and feminine energies.

Angie Castle
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