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Simple fall rituals

Fall is the perfect time of year to release what isn't serving to create space for what you desire. It's a natural time of release and letting go, just like the trees are letting go of their leaves to prepare for the next eventual cycle of growth in the spring.

In order to live a more soul aligned life, you have to release stagnant energy that is holding you back and draining your energy. You have to clear out the old to create space for the new.

In this blog you'll find three simple rituals that you can do to support this process and work with the natural energies that are available.

The emotional, spiritual, mental and physical are all connected.

I love incorporating the magic of ritual and intention to bring meaning to the mundane.

When you bring intention and ritual into 'mundane' tasks, you add more power to transform your life on all levels and align yourself with living a life filled with purpose, ease and freedom.

Choose one ritual, or do them all!

All three of these rituals done over a couple weeks pair nicely as a way to revitalize your life and create space for the next upgraded version of you.

Exfoliating Body Scrub: Ritual to Scrub Away the Old and Nourish Yourself With the New

What you'll need:

  • Bath, sauna, steam shower, hot springs or some way to soak your body and soften your skin

  • Exfoliating mitt

  • Journal & pen

  • Nourishing, organic body oil

  • Time alone

  • Optional= candles, incense, cup of tea, cozy blankets & pillows, anything to help set the vibe and ritual space

(As an Amazon Affiliate I make a small profit off of purchases.)

I may be biased, but in my opinion, these little green exfoliator mitts from Korean spas are the best!

Purchase some here:

I absolutely love Living Libations Products! The Best Skin Ever oil and Rose Glow face cream and perfect for this ritual.

Set the Vibe:

  • Light some candles, turn the lights down low, play relaxing music

  • Set up cozy blankets and pillows to soften into

  • Turn your phone on airplane mode and get rid of any external distractions

  • Set the tone and intention that this time is for you

What to do:

  • Pull out your journal and write down what you are wanting to release and scrub away from the previous months

  • Then, write down what you are calling into your life and what you desire to embody more of

  • Tune into how you will feel when this is manifested into your life

  • What will your life look and feel like when you are living this fully?

Release the old:

  • When you are clear on what you are releasing, soak in the bath or hot springs, or sit in the sauna or steam shower for at least 30 mins, or until your skin is soft

  • Tune into what you are releasing

  • Once your skin feels nice and soft, use your exfoliating mitt to literally scrub away everything that you are letting go of

  • Scrub vigorously and with intention and feel what is unwanted releasing

Cleanse and purify:

  • Next, take a shower giving thanks to the water for releasing and cleansing what is not serving you

  • You can also do a really good, thorough hair wash, scrubbing your scalp, to make sure you get a thorough scrub and release from head to toe

Call in the new:

  • Once you are clean and clear of the old energy that is not serving, return to your cozy blankets and pillows with your body oil

  • Intentionally apply body oil to every part of your body while focusing on what you are desiring to embody in your life, as though it is now

  • Give gratitude and love to every single part of your body and really mean it!

Affirmations to anchor in the new:

  • Create 1-3 powerful ‘I am’ affirmations to anchor in the new energy that you are wanting to embody and repeat them morning and night, claiming it in your reality as so, with knowingness and conviction

  • Example:“I am embodying, radiant feminine energy that is magnetic and I feel so good!”

Repeat this process anytime you are ready for baby soft skin, to release the old and create space for the new version of you.

Energy Leak Clean Up

Energy leaks show up in many different ways. Ultimately, what they do is drain you of vital life force energy and prevent you from tapping into creative, life force energy.

By cleaning up energy leaks, you are bringing more presence to your life by clearing up old energy and unfinished business.

You can do this process any old day, in any old place. Or, you can bring a little conscious intention to infuse magic and ritual, adding more momentum as a conscious creator being.

Ritual~ Set the vibe & align with your intention

  • Light some candles, turn the lights down low, play relaxing music

  • Set up cozy blankets and pillows to soften into

  • Turn your phone on airplane mode and get rid of any external distractions

  • Set the tone and intention that this time is for you

  • Set the intention that you are going to identify and clear any energy leaks in your life that a preventing your from living a joy-filled life of freedom and ease

  • Do a smoke cleansing with Palo Santo or Sage (before you light it, give thanks to the spirit of fire and the spirit of what you use for clearing your field and preparing your for the process)

  • Take some deep breaths, center yourself and clear empty our your mind before you begin

Once the vibe is set and you feel centered, do the following process:

1. Begin by identifying the energy leaks through free write journaling.

Journal Prompt:

  • Where do I currently have energy leaks in my life that are draining my life force energy?

This could be a conversation you need to have, closure with a past lover, forgiving yourself or another, making an honest assessment of your finances (rather than avoiding), ways that your are being overly accommodating or a people pleaser in a way that does not serve you, incomplete projects that are blocking the flow from new ones coming in, etc...

Free write for 5-10 minutes about what energy leaks are present.

2. Identify what feels like the biggest drain on your energy. To start, choose 3-5 that feels the most pertinent to tend to.

3. Write down what needs to be done in order to clear these up.

4. After you have identified the biggest energy leaks and what needs to be done to clean them up, explore how you might feel once this energy comes back into your life.

Journal Prompts:

  • How will I feel after I have cleaned up these energy blocks?

  • What will I do with the return of creative, life force energy?

  • What choices will I make and actions will I take to prevent myself from developing more energy leaks?

5. Finally, actually clean up the energy! It's one thing to identify and write about it, it's another to take action. Action is where change comes from. If you don't take action on what you know you need to do, you're going to continue creating the same draining habits and keep yourself trapped in energy that is not serving you.

You are the one who has the power to set yourself free. No one else can do it for you.

Revitalize Your Environment

I believe that our external environment is a mirror of our internal environment. If you don't like what's being mirrored back to you, change it.

Don't feel good in your home space? Clean it up and change the vibe!

Want a new wardrobe that feels resonant and aligned? Get rid of old clothes to create space for the new!

Don't feel like your car embodies how you feel? Upgrade!

Often times when you want new experiences in our life, you first have to clear out the old to make space for the new to come into it. If you don't clear out the old, the new has nowhere to enter.

To transform the mundane of cleaning out your closet or home into meaningful action infused with purpose, it all comes down to your intention.

When you bring intentionality into your daily life, it has the power to radically transform your experience.

  1. Take some moments to ground and center your energy with the process outlined above.

  2. Choose 3-5 spaces in your house that you want to get rid of something.

  3. Once this is chosen, start with 5-10 items in each zone. This helps to prevent overwhelm. Chances are you'll end up getting rid of way more, but this is a great starting point.

  4. Align your energy with why you are wanting to clean up your environment. Focus on the bigger why to add fuel and momentum. A good default is to clear stagnant energy so you can feel more alive, free and present.

I.e. I'm cleaning out my closet of clothes that no longer reflect who I am or don't feel good so that I can create space for clothes that do. I am doing this because I want to fully embody how I feel in every moment. I desire to feel good in what I am wearing and get rid of anything that doesn't express this.


I am getting rid of anything that is creating stagnant energy, has emotional charge from previous partners, has been sitting unused for years, or has no purpose. I am doing this to create a more zen home environment and free myself from old stagnant energy so that new life force energy and creative ideas can flow into my life.

5. You may find it difficult to get rid of items that have more of an emotional charge to them. Often times, it's not the item that you are not wanting to let go of, it's the fear that if you let go of the item the memory will go to. Feel whatever you need to and if you intuitively feel you need to let something go but it's difficult, re-align with your intention, feel the feels and then let it go.

Example: In 2012 I lived in tent for 6 months. The experience was a HUGE part of my life. During that time my dresser was a suitcase with drawers. I carried that thing around with me for years! I never used it again, but I was attached because of the experience it carried with it. Once I identified that I was attached to it because of the memory it held, I was able to let it go and felt so liberated! Silly I know, but we get attached to items that we not longer need to physically carry.

6. After you are done getting rid of 5-10 items in the different zones of your house, do a smudge with some sage or copal and then revel in the sense of renewal and lightness that you feel.

All of these practices can be done any time you feel like there is too much stagnant energy in your life, not just during fall. However, you may find that the change of the seasons with fall and spring you get a natural burst of energy to cleanse and release!

Feeling revitalized after doing my body scrub ritual at the spa!

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