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Welcome to The Collective

An exclusive membership space for passionate women who desire to transform their life  through aligning with their cycle and feminine energy.

Your Three Month Experience Includes:

✓ Access to The Collective membership space on Telegram 

Regular teachings and wisdom around all things cyclical living to support you in thriving

✓ 1x per month live coaching call with Q & A

Access to all audios and content released in the membership space

​✓ Apply your investment as a credit towards an upgrade into group programs or private coaching

✓ Community of like-minded women who are on a similar path

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Are you Ready to Transform Your Life?

I believe that your menstrual cycle has a direct impact not only on your quality of life and relationships, but it directly effects your mood, energy levels and productivity.

I work with so many women who feel totally sidetracked by their hormones every month.

It's like one moment you feel totally on fire 🔥🔥🔥

Your inspiration and motivation is on point.  You feel like the best mother, partner and friend.  Your confidence is soaring and in many ways you feel unstoppable!

And then.... the next day you wake up feeling like a total fraud, wondering why you're even doing what you're doing and have a bad case of imposter syndrome.

Does this ever happen to you?

You try all the mindset hacks you have in your tool bag, but nothing seems to break the spell.  You're in it and can't stop wondering "what's wrong with me?!  I was just on fire and now I'm questioning everything!"

What if I told you that there's nothing wrong with you, it's likely the influence of your hormones and where you are in your cycle?

There is a way that you can map out and anticipate times when your hormones are going to drop and plan your life accordingly.

What if  you had a community of other passionate, soul led women where you could receive support and guidance in these very natural cyclical transitions?

Welcome to The Collective

What I Offer - 1on1.png

My signature 3-month membership that will provide you with ongoing support and guidance to navigate through the dynamic waves of being a cyclical woman.

It's a collective of women who are ready to lead life with their feminine energy and

no longer feel sidetracked by their hormones each month.

To lead with your feminine energy, you need to align with your cycle.

There is a way to understand your natural high's and low's so you no longer have to

wonder what's wrong with you.

I have women say to me all the time, "I just need you telling me what I need to

know about my cycle every day!"

While I won't be sharing content every day of the week, I will be dropping content on a consistent basis that is exclusively for members of The Collective.

It is essentially like having a cycle coach in your pocket where you can come back

to the information over and over again.

This space is filled with the energy, activations and trainings to tap into your next level now and I'm super excited to be sharing this with you!

This is a new space and it's bound to grow and evolve over time.  What that means is that it will just keep getting better.

What that also means is that if you sign up now, you will be receiving a

special founders price.  The price will not be what it is forever, so if you know

you want to join, now is the time to do it!

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Why Trust Me?

I have been living and breathing the path of menstrual cycle awareness for nearly 10 years!

I literally design every single aspect of my life and business around my cycle and I couldn't imagine living  any other way.

I have witnessed the ways that countless women's lives have changed from working with me and I want to see that happen for you.

I know that you are powerful.  You've got big dreams.  You're not here to play small and you're definitely not here to feel like you get derailed by your cycle.

Knowing where you are in your cycle is how you orient to your mood, energy levels and emotions as a woman.

This is something that you were never taught, so I'm here to teach you and guide you in activating yourself into experiencing greater levels of freedom, living life on your terms, in a way that supports your cyclical nature.

I hear you... I see you... I feel you...

And most importantly, I'm here for you.  I care about all the women that I work with and that includes you.

This is part of my purpose and sacred life's work.  I am devoted to supporting women in creating the foundation they need to have full confidence in being a cyclical, hormonally influenced being.

I am here to help you thrive in every aspect of your life through teaching you the in's and out's of aligning your entire life with your cycle.

I envision a world where women are so radically empowered within their bodies and cycles that the whole world must respond, and begin operating in a way that works with women's natural cycles, rather than against them.

If you're ready to finally feel at ease and empowered with your cycle, I would love to have you as part of The Collective.  It will change your life.  See you on the inside!

Have more questions?  Message me directly on Facebook or Instagram

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