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Cycle Speak

Updated: Feb 5, 2023

What is cycle speak? I’m so glad you asked! According to the official definition found in the Merriam Webster Dictionary 😉 cycle speak is defined as follows:

Cycle speak is a term I use that is the practice of infusing menstrual cycle lingo into your everyday life. When people in your life understand cycle speak, it brings a sense of ease to communication. A simple statement of “I’m in deep luteal on day 27 and I just barely entered into separation” says it all.

It helps you to understand yourself on deeper levels so that you know how to better manage your energy and communicate with others in your life what you are most capable of in any given moment. It gives you the verbiage to more clearly articulate when you need the most support, when you just need a little space or when you’re most ready for some wild, juicy, passionate lovin’!

Through my offerings, I help you to lay the ground work to incorporate cycle speak into your life with ease.

I teach you the foundation of mapping out your cycle in a way that you learn to understand the influence your hormones are having on you AND have the language to talk about it.

Cycle speak is a way that we can collectively create a new paradigm around women’s bodies and menstruation

If it weren’t for menstruation, none of us would be here. It is one of the most beautiful, primal and natural things. It is sacred and deserves the proper respect of being honored as the potent, creative, life giving force that it is.

A menstrual revolution is not possible without the collective fueling it. By incorporating cycle speak into your life, you are being part of the solution and playing part in the sacred rebellion of a menstrual cycle revolution and creating a new earth reality.

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