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Gestation of a New World

I feel like a whole new me is in gestation. A divine creation forming in every moment, preparing to be birthed at just the right time. Just like our new world is also in gestation.

The world we once knew and lived in is crumbling before our eyes. Some might say that it is already gone and there is no going back to the way things once were.

We are in a collective rite of passage standing in between a world that is no more, looking forward to one that has yet to be created

We are in the womb of the cosmic mother. The new world is gestating in a place that we can not see, but we know that it is there. We are having to trust in the process, not knowing when the birth will take place, nor what it will look like.

It may be messy. There may be pain. There will certainly be uncertainty and a lot of letting go of who you once were and what the world once was. Like the death of the maiden that comes when the mother is born. This is the natural process of evolution. Yet the maiden never truly dies, she simply takes a different form

We may catch glimmers and dreams or intuitive impulses of imaginations of what could be. Is it really possible? Are the visions too grand and unrealistic? Can we really have it that good? Yes my dear, we can and we will.

We do not know how a woman’s body knows how to grow a baby. We know what it does, but we do not know how it knows what to do. And just like a woman’s body inherently knows exactly what to do, the divine mother has that same inner intelligence within her womb.

We must trust in the gestation process of the new earth that is being formed. We must trust in our own process. We must trust that everything that is crumbling and falling apart both internally and externally must be burnt to the ground before new life can sprout forth

All that is not serving needs to crumble to the ground so that it may decompose, creating fertile, abundant and healthy soil for a world more beautiful than we’ve ever dreamed of to come into fruition.

We must allow for this process to happen and continually return to a place of deep knowing, that although we don’t know how it is going to happen, it is happening.

Within that knowing, we can find the inner faith that can give us something to believe in, even when it seems radically impossible. When the world that you once knew is no longer, what better time than now to dream, to take a risk, to leap off that cliff edge and find that you can fly.

Fear not beloved, for we will be just fine. Allow yourself this mandated time of rest. An invitation to slow down, to surrender, to let go of all that was and to let your weary heart, mind and body surrender, to this now moment. Reflect on what actually holds true value, purpose and meaning in your life.

Since when have we been offered such a grandiose gift when so much of the world is slowing down all at once? We need the rest. The earth needs the rest. Let’s just be. Release any and all worry and stress of what might be and take some time to dream about what could be, no matter how wild and crazy it might seem.

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