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Your Cycle

Knowledge is Sexy!

Especially when it comes to understanding your body and cycle.

It can transform your life and bring about a whole new sense of self, who is vibrant, confident & empowered, with a deep sense of self love.


It has the power to lead to a deeper shift for women, allowing us to embrace our womanhood as our power and step forward into the world more embodied than ever before in our modern western culture

Your Cycle is Sacred

We are all alive today because women bleed.  If there were no menstrual cycle, there would be no ovulation and without ovulation, no babies are being born.

 The menstrual cycle is the life cycle

Not only is physical life possible because of it, but as women, all of our creative energy is birthed forth from our womb, whether we are birthing a baby, a business idea or a creative project.

It is your source of wild power, creativity, passion, healing, growth and vibrant life force energy.

It invites you into a deep state of presence and honoring of the dynamic nature of feminine energy. 

Your cycle mirrors the seasons of the earth, phases of the moon and seasons of womanhood. 

The macro of the micro.  We are cyclical beings, living in a cyclical universe and your

body holds that wisdom in your womb. 


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