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Are you done ‘shoulding’ on yourself?


Would you rather honor yourself and know where you are in your cycle every day, knowing what you are actually capable of doing, instead of having unrealistic expectations that you can never meet?

Then welcome to...

Menstrual Mastery 101:

Discover the Power of Living Life in Sync With Your Flow

I get it.  Feeling like you don’t know what is going on inside your body and like you are at the whim of your seemingly unpredictable hormones and emotions can be hard AF sometimes!


That’s why I created Menstrual Mastery 101 (MM 101 for short)


This is a five week introductory course to provide you with the tools you need to feel empowered and in the know of what is happening with your hormones and your body.

Unfortunately, we live in a world where women aren't taught about their bodies.  With so many people surrounding us that don’t actually know what's going on and are awkward if the word menstruation is even mentioned, it’s hard to know where to go or who to turn to.

Image by Melissa Askew

Don't worry... I've got your back!

I happen to be super passionate about teaching women all the things that quite honestly, you should already know by now.

(You are SO not alone in this!)


I have been embodying this work for many moons and I am elated to be your guide in discovering the magic, beauty and power of your menstrual cycle.


It would be a shame if I kept such life changing, transformational information all to myself.


I’m all about igniting sacred self-sovereignty in the hearts and wombs of women.  It is my sheer pleasure to share with you this women’s wisdom, to activate what you already know within.

I’m just here to show you the map.


I am now unapologetically living my entire LIFE around my menstrual cycle and I feel like for the first time, I understand how to exist in the world. I'm not crazy or bi-polar, I'm not inspired and then noncommittal, I'm a cyclical being!  I am sharing this knowledge with my partner and he is very accepting, even stating 'I wish I had these cycles and wasn't the same all the time.'  I am tracking my cycle with my temp and cervical fluid daily, I am so much more in touch with the subtle nuances of my entire being Thank you!


-Christina Robohm, Menstrual Mala Mama

This course is for you if...


❈ You realize how little you know about your body and menstrual cycle and are ready to do something about it

❈ You dread that ‘time of the month’ and want to learn to love it and even look forward to it

(yes, that is 100% possible)

❈ You are ready to normalize the conversation and finally be able to speak about it openly AND empower and inspire other women to do the same

❈ You can feel in your heart that there is something more to this whole period thing, but at times it feels overwhelming because you were never taught anything about it.

You have no idea where to start or who to even talk to

❈ You are beginning to see the beauty in your period and your soul is craving to connect with your feminine essence but you don’t really know where to go from here

❈ You want to be with a group of like minded soul sisters where this conversation is normal and not so taboo.  I mean, can’t we just talk about our bodies in a normal conversation already?  Seriously.

❈ And, you’re likely wondering ‘why the hell has no one ever taught me this before...WTF?!?’

This course is not for you if...

❈ You want to carry about your days, hating your period and continue just getting through it

each month

❈ If you want to stay ignorant of what is actually happening in your body, pretending like it doesn’t affect you and will go away if you ignore enough, right?  Right?!?!

❈ If you are not ready to regain control in your life and feel like you’re actually the one in the driver's seat because you understand what is going on

❈If you are not ready to take on menstrual cycle awareness as a lifestyle practice.

Learning to love your cycle and to work with it as an ally takes regular and intentional attention. 

If you are not ready to do that, now is not the time to sign up.

Living in sync with your menstrual cycle is the number one tool to bring you into alignment with living the life of your dreams. 


It is your north star and inner compass, guiding you home to the center of your heart, womb and soul.

What MM 101 Will Give You:

❈ Deep dive into the inner seasons and how they gracefully support you

❈ An understanding of menstrual cycle awareness and how to use it as a lifestyle practice

❈ Guidance on how to start tracking your cycle and predicting when your period will begin to better design your life with your flow

❈ Sisterhood and a place where to talk about all things menstruation, even if it feels awkward

❈ A place to feel held and supported as you learn to become a cyclically aware woman

❈ A place to get all of your Q’s answered

❈Support and guidance as you learn to live a whole new way

❈Gain confidence in cycle speak so you feel comfortable talking about it with whoever, whenever

❈Meditations, journal prompts and homework assignments to go deeper

❈Energy transmission from a woman who fully embodies this as a way of life

Detailed Breakdown Of 

Menstrual Mastery 101

Week One: Setting the Foundation, Menstrual Cycle Awareness

and Basic Cycle Tracking

Welcome to Menstrual Mastery 101.  The course that is sure to have you feeling confident in working with your cycle as the invaluable resource that it is. 


In our first class, we will set the foundation and create the container for our time working together.  We will also dive into menstrual cycle awareness as a lifestyle practice and simple, yet effective ways to begin tracking your cycle immediately.

⪼ Anchor into your intentions for the course

⪼ Use menstrual cycle awareness to navigate your days and radically transform your life

⪼ Cycle tracking basics including monitoring cervical mucus and cervical position to better identify where you are in your cycle

Week Two: Dancing with the Inner Seasons

Week two is where we explore the inner seasons and phases of menstruation.  This is where your cyclical nature starts to make sense.  You are going to learn what is going on in every phase of your cycle on all levels - mental, physical, emotional and spiritual.  This will empower you to know how to support yourself throughout the entire month.  This is the blueprint to the wild feminine terrain that is you.

⪼ Exploration of the inner seasons and how they beautifully weave together

⪼Discover how each phase has a shadow and light side

⪼Begin to understand the gifts and challenges of each phase and how they show up for you

⪼Learn all about your amazing hormones and how they are effecting your mood, energy and emotions


Week Three: cyclical planning and cycle speak

Week three we will explore efficient and effective tools you can use to plan your life around your cycle.  No more accidentally planning family trips while you're PMSing or on your period!  We will also discuss the importance of what I call 'cycle speak' and why this is important.  If you want to live in a world that honors your cycle, the best place to start is to know how to communicate about it.

⪼ Discover how you can improve your month by planning with your cyclical nature in mind

⪼ Know when you are more apt to be creative, when to relax, when to take action, etc…

⪼ Gain confidence in being able to communicate about your cycle and having the language to do it

Week Four: Cycles of the earth, womanhood and the moon

Women's bodies are a microcosm of the macrocosm, meaning that our menstrual cycle mirrors the greater cycles and seasons that surround us.  Has anyone every told you about the seasons of womanhood that you experience throughout your life?  And that you are experiencing them each phase of your cycle?  Do you know how the moon effects you, depending on where you are in your flow?  This information is an initiation to understanding the greater cycles of life that are playing out inside you all the time.  The menstrual cycle is the life cycle itself.

⪼ Learn about your connection to the moon and how her phases effect you

⪼ Take a journey through the seasons of womanhood and learn how to harness their individual power at different times in your life

⪼ Understand the wisdom of the ages and how intimately we are connected to the earth, the cosmos and beyond


Week Five: Closing ceremony and tying up loose ends

Week five brings us to the bittersweet end.  In this class we will tie up any loose ends and touch on any material that we did not have time to cover.  We will also have a closing ceremony to anchor in what has been learned and gained throughout your experience.

But not to worry because, we will have...

2 Bonus follow up q & a calls for continued support

These calls will be bi-monthly following the completion of the course.  There are always more questions that arise after you have time practicing menstrual cycle awareness.  This will give us an opportunity to stay connected and to continue the sisterhood support that we all love!  These may include further teachings, meditations or activations.


My take away from this course was more than I ever expected.  Who knew understanding my menstrual cycle would teach me more about self-love than I have found anywhere else in my studies.  I learned I can love myself and fully embrace my period.


I have found the strength to give myself permission to be who I am in every moment of my life, “good or bad”, without feeling guilty. I now understand myself more as a woman than any education I have received.  This course has been life changing!                                                                     

-Tiffany Huntsman

what to expect:

The first class begins Tuesday, May 18th at 6:30 pm Mountain Time

This is an online course.  We will meet remotely via Zoom every Tuesday evening for 2 hours 

from 6:30 pm-8:30 pm MDT for  five weeks

Week One - 5/18/21

Week Two - 5/25/21

Week Three - 6/1/21

Week Four - 6/8/21

Week Five - 6/15/21

Follow Up Q & A - 6/29/21

Follow Up Q & A - 7/13/21

⪼ Weekly 2 hr. Group Zoom Call where we will cover the content for each week

⪼ A private Facebook group to keep the vibe and connection going between classes.  This is a place that you can ask questions, share thoughts and even share photos of your cervical mucus if you're not sure what's going on!

⪼ Recording of each class

⪼ Journal prompts, hand outs and guided meditations with lifetime access to all the content

⪼Two follow up Q & A calls for continued support

⪼ Sacred and safe container of sisterhood

 All sessions will be recorded, however if you are not able to attend all of the sessions live, it is highly encouraged that you wait to take the course until you can.​  If you there is conflict of date and time send me a message and we can see if it's still a good fit.

Are you ready for some magic in your life?

Frequently Asked Questions

Q- Can I take this if I am not currently menstruating?


A- The information is specifically tailored to women who are in their active, bleeding years.  However, there is still plenty of valuable information that can be applicable if you are menopausal, have had a hysterectomy, are taking hormonal birth control or experiencing amenorrhea.  If you are experiencing one of these things, feel free to contact me directly with your questions to see if this would be a good fit.


Q- What if I am on hormonal birth control?


A- When you are taking hormonal birth control, your cycle is influenced by artificially induced hormones, rather than your body's own natural hormones.  This means that you are not having the same hormonally influenced experience as women who are not on contraceptives.  You are not actually having a real period (with the exception of a copper IUD).  Again, there is still valuable information that will help you in understanding yourself and other women.  However, you are likely to get more from this if you choose to come off of hormonal contraceptives at some point.


Q- What if I can’t make all the classes live?


A- Each session will be recorded and uploaded to a google drive folder that you will have lifetime access to.  You will receive any and all updates that are made to the course over the years.  It is most ideal to attend live, but if you can’t you can still be part of the course.


Q- What if I am already using an app to track my cycle and have a basic understanding of the phases, should I take this course?


A- It depends.  You can always learn more.  However, if you feel content with the information you already have and aren’t looking to deepen your awareness, then probably not.  If you are wanting a greater understanding, then absolutely.  I have had women work with me who have said, “I thought I knew a lot, but wow… was I wrong!”  


Ultimately, your heart and belly will tell you if this course is right for you.  If you are wanting sisterhood and to dive even deeper into what you already know then I would love to have you.  I have been using these specific practices for over 5 years and on this path since 2011 and I am still learning more about the intricacies of the phases every single cycle!

If you are still unsure if this course is right for you or have any unanswered questions, contact me and I will help you decide if this course is a good fit for you.



Here's the deal...

I only want you to join if it is a 100% f*ck yes!... Let’s be honest, this work has the potential to massively up-level and transform your life.  However, if you are not 100% committed and all in, then it will only partially work.


At times menstrual cycle awareness can feel like magic, but even magic takes perseverance and commitment.


By learning to live life in sync with your cycle, you will have to make changes in your life to honor what it asks and I know all aren’t willing to do that.


If you are, then I would LOVE to have you!  I absolutely love working with badass babes like yourself who are ready to up-level their life so they can be open to receiving more of what they truly desire and live life as the sovereign, creatrix that they are.

if this is you....

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