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Image by Lubo Minar


That you were given the opportunity to rewrite your past…

That you had an opportunity to initiate yourself into womanhood, alongside fellow sisters…

That you finally get to learn all of the things you should have learned when you started your period, but never did (and still haven’t!)...

Welcome to Initiation:

A Modern Woman's Rite of Passage Ritual

Join us for an intimate weekend nestled in a cozy red tent space, gathered in sisterhood, to gift yourself with the proper initiation into womanhood.


It is in this space that we come to heal and be healed.  We come together in this way to bring a sense of sacredness and honoring to an important, yet overlooked time in one’s life.

Image by Joanna Kosinska

Why a Rite of Passage?

Indigenous cultures across the globe have some form of a rite of a passage ritual to symbolize significant life events and changes.  In the western world, we do not.


This can leave us feeling fragmented, disconnected, lost and confused because we are not symbolically recognizing the important transitions from one phase of life to the next


A rite of passage is defined as a ritual or experience that marks a major milestone or change in a person’s life.  They remind us that we are constantly evolving and that life is a transformative journey. 


Partaking in a rite of passage ritual puts us into sacred space.  We enter into the non-verbal world of the heart.  It is in this space that we communicate to the psyche that one phase of life has ended and another has begun.

Why Initiation?

Initiation was born from the need to integrate these ancient practices into our modern lives to bring a sense of integration and wholeness.


We will be recreating the rite of passage ritual that you were never given, calling forth all parts of yourself into the present moment.


It is an invitation to honor your transition from child to maiden and to properly initiate yourself into becoming a cyclical being, journeying through the seasons of womanhood.


We come together in community to support our fellow sisters.  To witness and be witnessed.  We are the change makers, here to heal ourselves for all of our past and future generations.


This ritual provides a way to connect with our past selves, healing the timeline of our personal story, to better equip us to pave the path forward.  When we heal, the collective heals.

What to Expect...

Initiation is a 3 day immersive workshop 

This is for femme bodied beings who have (or once had) a physical womb -

ages 18+ including menopausal women


Workshop Outline:


Day 1 -  6:30pm-10:00 pm - Snacks and tea provided


  • Opening circle, introductions and blood story ceremony


Day 2 - 8:30 am-7:30 pm - Breakfast, lunch & dinner will be served, snacks and tea provided


  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner will be shared in sisterhood

  • Tea ceremony and morning movement

  • Check-in’s and reflections

  • Inner maiden journey work

  • Interactive teachings throughout the day including the seasons of womanhood, importance of rite of passage work, cycle awareness, anatomy, sexuality, body wisdom and more!


Day 3 - 10:30 am-5:30 pm - Lunch, snacks and tea provided, community potluck for dinner


  • Check-in’s and reflections

  • Uterus meditation

  • Rite of Passage Ritual

  • Closing circle

  • Community potluck and celebration!

Sisters, we feel you...

  • You’re done with superficial override and are craving more meaning and purpose in your connections

  • You’ve tried long enough doing it by yourself and have realized there’s no more doing it alone

  • You’re desiring deeper connection to community and sisterhood

  • You know that you were born to do things different, to step outside the mold and to weave a world of possibility

  • You know deep in your soul there’s a better way to do things and that the change begins with you

this is why we have created initiation


Early Bird: $297 

**Must be paid in full**

Full Price: $330

Sister Discount= Save 10% when you sign up with a girlfriend

*Must register and pay at the same time

Pricing includes:

Snacks and tea provided all 3 days

Breakfast, lunch and dinner on Saturday

Lunch on Sunday

All workshop materials and supplies

If this is a yes for you, we would love to have you join us! 

Together we will cross the threshold and weave a world of possibilities

To secure your spot send a $100

non-refundable deposit via venmo to @cree-cox

**Early bird must be paid in full**

Please write 'Initiation' in the subject line with your email address for us to send the welcome email

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Meet Your Facilitators
Me Round.png

Cree Cox, Menstrual Maven, Arvigo® Practitioner and

Founder of the Red Moon Sanctuary, teaches women how

to live life in sync with their natural rhythm and flow. 

She is on a mission to liberate women from external systems

of control through education, inspiration and empowerment. 

She inspires women to reclaim their power within by teaching them lifestyle practices to make menstrual cycle awareness a way of life.

Meg Carolee Pearl is a nourishment guide for the cycle of life through the healing arts of reflexology, energy healing, herbal medicine and traditional tea ceremony.

Within her work and life she invites acceptance, inner peace and presence for all beings to move from their authentic rhythms.

Meg - Initiation.png
  • What’s the point in doing this if I’ve already been having a period for 10 years or more?  Does it really make a difference now?
    We have the ability to heal and re-write any experience that we have had, or not had, in the past. Initiation is a powerful opportunity to do just that. Very few women have had a proper rite of passage experience into womanhood and it’s never too late to recreate your experience.
  • Can I still do this even if I don’t have a cycle due to menopause, hysterctomy, ammehnoreah, pregnancy, hormonal contraceptives, etc…"
    Yes! This weekend is designed to create a rite of passage experience that you would have had when you first started menstruating. Even if you aren’t actively having a period, you can still join us in rewriting your initiation into womanhood.
  • What if I don’t live in Utah or near Salt Lake City?
    You are welcome to book an Airbnb or hotel close by (we will give you the address). The Sole Nourish Sanctuary has space to accommodate 1-2 people. If this is of interest to you, contact me to discuss details. It would be in a shared space/kitchen.
  • What if I can’t attend the whole weekend?
    Due to the immersive nature of this workshop, it is most ideal if you can be present for the entire duration. If you feel that this is a full yes for you to attend, but there’s one part you can’t make, contact me and we will decide on a case by case basis.
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