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    Embody Your Flow    

Harness the Untapped Power of Menstruation and Your Wild Feminine Ways

Do you want to experience more joy, ease, purpose and pleasure?

Discover the hidden power of your menstrual cycle to optimize your impact and never feel at the whim of your hormones ever again.

Embody Your Flow is a group program designed to teach you how to harness the power of

menstrual cycle awareness to optimize your life and have more impact in the world,

While remembering to take care of the most important person, YOU!

It provides a community of sisterhood with a group of women who get you

and aren't afraid to dive deep and talk about the things that actually matter.

Image by Naomi August

Are you feeling burnt out
and overwhelmed?

You know you have big work to do in the world.  You're a change maker, visionary, boss babe who is here to make some serious ripples.

You don't fit the status quo and want to create a better world for your family and loved ones.

You're doing all the things, but it comes at the expense of taking care of you.

It's not always easy to prioritize yourself & needs and you'll be the first to admit that you're notoriously

the last on your list of priorities. 

You're afraid that if you keep doing the same things, you're going to burn yourself out completely.

You're ready to end the overwhelm so you can actually enjoy all the magic you're creating in your life.

You've learned that compromising your own needs to make sure everyone else's are met, 

isn't working any more.  Somethings gotta change and you're ready and willing to take

the active steps to do something about it.

Most of your life you've disregarded your menstrual cycle as a minor inconvenience,

continuing to push through and carry on life as usual, no matter where you're at in your cycle.

I mean, that's what society tells you you need to do to be successful, right?

The more you DO the more successful you will be?

Image by Brittani Burns

Deep down, you know that there's got to be a better way

Your soul is craving to operate from a more soft, magnetic, connected to your feminine essence sort of way.  No more of this masculine way of grinding your days away.

You are no longer satisfied living life in a way that you just keep plugging along day after day, not really talking about the things that actually matter.

You want depth, meaning, juiciness, connection and to feel fully empowered

in your body and life, as a woman.

You've neglected your body, needs and hormones long enough and now you're thinking that there may be something more to this period thing after all.

And, at times it feels overwhelming because you were never taught anything about it. You have no idea where to start or who to even talk to.

You want to feel like you are in the drivers seat of your life, emotions and hormones.

You've been doing a pretty damn good job at holding it all together,

but somethings gotta change.

Hi love, I'm Cree Anaiyah,

I see you, I hear you, I feel you

I too have never been able to fit into the mold of how society tells me that I 'should' be.  I I too crave to feel more depth, meaning and purpose in life.  That's why we're here right?

I also know what it's like to not feel connected my my divine, feminine magnetism.  Once upon a time, that was a totally foreign concept to me.  Now, it is completely integrated in every aspect of my life.

Want to know one of the ways I got there?

Learning about the magic and power of my menstrual cycle and integrating it into every aspect of my life.  My menstrual cycle has taught me more about feminine energy than any other system.

Growing up I never knew anything about my hormones and the very real role they played in effecting my mood, energy levels and emotions.  I felt like I was

floundering through life, at times feeling totally confident and capable and at

other times like a complete failure.

There seemed to be no rhyme or reason.  I was burnt out with the

seemingly unpredictable effect of my hormones running my life.

What changed?

I learned about the four phases of the menstrual cycle and began designing my entire life and biz around the them.  Suddenly everything began to make sense.

I realized I wasn't crazy and that nothing wrong with me. 

Turns out I'm a hormonal, cyclical being with very predictable patterns that play out every single month.  Thank god!

If any of the above resonates, then my group program Embody Your Flow: Harness The Untapped Power Of Menstruation And Your Wild Feminine Nature is for you!

That's why I created Embody Your Flow.  This information is way to invaluable to not teach other women!  I know change maker boss babes like yourself don't have the time to try to figure it out on your own (I mean you are building and empire after all!) So I created this group program to provide you with the platform you need to radically transform your life and finally embrace your wild, dynamic, cyclical nature,

❈ And, you’re likely wondering ‘why the hell has no one ever taught me this before...WTF?!?’

Like most women, you were never taught anything about your cycle from your mother, aunties or elders. No one ever told you that this is the source of your power and that your cycle serves as your internal compass and guiding force in life.


No longer do you need to suffer through life, feeling like you are at the mercy of your seemingly unpredictable hormones and menstrual cycle.  Say goodbye to the days of not knowing when you are going to bleed, PMS, painful periods and feeling like you are on an emotional roller coaster.

Embody Your Flow  will provide you with the tools and invaluable practices to finally feel at home in your own body!


You will learn how to gracefully navigate the hormonal tides that govern your experience as a woman. 

You will gain invaluable insight in how to take back control of your body and your life.


This course is like a guide map to your wild,

feminine nature.

This course will help to improve all aspects of your life in simple, yet profound ways!

So what exactly is Embody Your Flow?


Embody Your Flow (EYF) is a 12 week online group program designed to teach you everything that you should have learned when you first started menstruating, and didn’t.



It is a beautiful blend of science, spirituality, healing and sisterhood.

EYF is the deep dive "I Am Ready To Transform My Life" course....


If you are not ready to take on menstrual cycle awareness as a way

of life or to begin tracking your cycle and integrate

the wisdom gained into your daily life,

   then this is not the course for you.

What EYF Will Give You:


❈ Essential information about the details of your cycle and what it means to be a woman

❈ Massive up level and more awareness of what is truly going on in your body, not just thinking of your period as being this horrific thing that comes every month

❈ More clear understanding of your life, why you act the way you do and how to cooperate with the phases of your cycle to have a more stress free life, filled with balance and ease

❈ Deeper respect and understanding of your own cycle, and how this can determine your mood and emotions, productivity level, desire to socialize, relationships with friends, partners, and much more - hello improved and steady relationships all around!

❈ Greater confidence in being able to speak your truth and clearly state where you are at in your cycle to your partner and other loved ones as a helpful description of how you are feeling or what you are capable of at the time

❈ You will feel like an empowered woman, embracing all of your cycle for what it can offer while feeling inspired to share this knowledge with other women

❈ Feel grounded and centered in your divine feminine and able to harness that energy to be able to be the best whole version of yourself

❈ Invaluable tools to take back control of you body and your life, becoming sensitive to what your body needs in order to function at it's full potential

❈ You will be able to praise your body, gaining more confidence and clarity in how it works in order to bring more happiness and peace into your day to day life

❈ Learn to have more grace instead of being so hard on yourself with “I should have been able to do this, I should have been able to do that” because you will know what you are capable of depending on where you are in your cycle

❈ Complete and utter transformation of your life

“During our time together I gained a much deeper respect and understanding of my own cycle and how this can determine my mood and emotions, productivity level, desire to socialize, relationships with friends and partners, and much more.  It is extremely empowering to understand how much our cycle can affect how we feel, because I no longer feel like a victim of random emotional fluctuations! Rather, I feel like a woman who is tuning in and embracing the flow that makes me a woman!”


-Madeline Sears, Co-Founder of Ecstatic Dance SLC


Detailed Breakdown Of 

Embody Your Flow

⪻✧☽ 🌑 

Week One: Setting the Foundation & Inner Maiden Meditation

Welcome to the deep dive course that is sure to change your life!  In our first class, we will set the foundation and create the container for our time working together.

⪼ Anchor into your intentions for the course

⪼ Inner maiden meditation and exploration

⪼ Small group ceremony to share your first blood story

Week Two: Menstrual Cycle Awareness, Inner Seasons & Cycle Tracking

Week two is where we explore the inner seasons and phases of menstruation.  This is where your cyclical nature will start to make way more sense. You are going to learn what is going on in every phase of your cycle on all levels - mental, physical, emotional, energetic and spiritual.  This will then empower you to know how to support yourself throughout the entire month.  This is the blueprint to the wild feminine terrain that is you.

⪼ Using menstrual cycle awareness to navigate your days and radically transform your life

⪼ Exploration of the inner seasons and phases of menstruation and what it means to be a cyclical woman

⪼ Cycle tracking basics including monitoring cervical mucus and cervical position to better identify where you are in your cycle


Week Three: Five Chambers of Menstruation & Honoring Moon Time

Week three is one of my favorites.  I love diving into the chambers of menstruation and teaching women how to honor moon time.  The inner temple of menstruation is where we come to meet our power and our inner wise woman - our future self who is guiding us to live life in alignment with our purpose.  It is through these practices that you can connect with your cycle and your blood as your ally and finally embrace it as your source of power.

⪼ Deep dive into the five chambers of menstruation

⪼ Explore ways to honor moon time

⪼ Discover how to best support yourself while bleeding and learn how to DO less and BE more

⪼ Learn the art of surrender and how menstruation actually serves as your source of power

Week Four: Cyclical Planning & Your Period as a Monthly Health Report Card

Did you know that your period serves as a monthly health report card?  Do you even know what a healthy cycle and period is supposed to look like?  It’s ok if you don't, you were like never taught (and let's be honest, most doctors weren't either!)  But no worries, after this class you will be equipped with the tools and knowledge to know if you have a healthy flow or not.  We will also cover scheduling as a cyclical thang - (Hint: Women are not linear beings, we are cyclical.  The typical masculine oriented way of doing things doesn’t work for us if we completely deny our cyclical nature.)

⪼ Discover how you can use your cycle to improve your month by planning with your cyclical nature in mind

⪼ Know when you are more apt to be creative, when to relax, when to take action, etc…

⪼ Learn what it means to have your menstrual cycle as the fifth vital sign and what to look for in regards to your overall health


Week Five: Pelvic Bowl Anatomy - what’s Really Going on Down There?

Week five brings us to our pelvic bowl - the home of your womb.  During this class we will cover basic pelvic bowl anatomy where we will explore the yoni-verse in your pelvic bowl and what’s really going on ‘down there’.  What woman doesn’t feel empowered when she actually knows her body and understands what is going on?  So many women hold trauma in their wombs and many experience a general disconnection from their pelvic bowl.  This week offers a guided meditation to promote connection and healing to this sacred center that is the house of your creativity and the throne of your wild power.

⪼ Explorative journey of your pelvic bowl empowering you to feel at home in your own body

⪼ Practical tips to love and honor your womb

⪼ Pelvic bowl clearing & activation meditation

Week Six: Lifestyle and Nutritional Practices to Support a Healthy Cycle

During week six, I am honored to have my dear friend and holistic health practitioner, Nicole DeVaney share her wealth of wisdom with nutrition and women's herbs.  She will share lifestyle and nutritional practices to help support healthy, happy, bodies and wombs.   These practices are essential for having a healthy cycle and thriving life.

⪼ Discover lifestyle practices that will not only reduce PMS symptoms and painful periods, but potentially eliminate them for good

⪼ Know what type of exercise is most ideal based on what phase of your cycle you are in

Discover women's herbs that promote a healthy uterus and monthly flow


Week Seven: Integration

Week seven is the week of integration.  This allows time for you to implement and integrate all that has been learned, as well as catch up on any missed classes or homework assignments. *We will not have class during this week

Week Eight: Self-Care & Radical Self-Love

Week eight brings us into exploring self-care and radical self-love.  Self-care is a buzz word these days, but what does true self-care even mean?  Spoiler alert, it’s not all about chocolate cake, bubble baths and spa days.  Self-care and self-love are intimately intertwined, unique to each individual woman and essential for a healthy relationships with ourselves and others. 


⪼ Explore what self-care and radical self-love mean to you and how you can embody more of it

⪼ Discover how you can use your new found cyclical approach to life to know when to prioritize self-care and when you’re more apt to tend to others

⪼ Learn practical self-care practices such as castor oil packs, vaginal steaming, breast massage and more

Week Nine: Healthy Boundaries

During week nine we will have another amazing guest instructor and dear sister friend of mine, Melissa Hite.  I can confidently say that Melissa has taught me more about having strong and healthy boundaries than anyone I know.  That's why I knew I had to have her for this class!  Boundaries are a BIG topic.  Melissa will teach us the basis of implementing healthy boundaries in our life and why they're so dang important.

⪼ Discover what healthy boundaries really are and how to create a healthy foundation

⪼ Understand the effects of not having defined boundaries

⪼ Identify reasons why you struggle and things you can do to change that
⪼ Know where to start when you’re ready to honor you

Week Ten: Seasons of Woman, Cycles of Life and Phases of the Moon

Women’s bodies are a microcosom of the macrocosom - aka the earth.  In week ten, we will weave the web of how intimately connected a woman’s cycle and body is with the greater cycles, i.e. the moon phases, yearly seasons, womanhood and the ebb & flow of masculine and feminine energies. 

⪼ Learn what the seasons of womanhood are and how you dance through them on a monthly basis

⪼ Explore the phases of the moon, how to harness their power and what it means to bleed with each phase

⪼ Inner woman meditation

Week Eleven: Q & A, Tying up Loose Ends

Week eleven is bitter sweet for we know that we are nearing the end of the course and soon to burst forth from our cocoon of sisterhood.  This week we will do a recap and review all that has been covered during in the course, as well as have a Q & A.  This course is jam packed with information and there always seems to be something left out that we need to cover.

Week Twelve: Closing ceremony

But alas, week twelve has come to signal the end of our time together.  What better way than a ceremony to end the journey we've all been on.  This will be a time for integrating all that has been learned and to celebrate your new found wisdom and connection with self.  As part of the closing ceremony, we will be sharing the biggest take a-ways and your commitment to yourself moving forward.

And that's that... the journey is over, but really has just begun. 

⪻✧☽ 🌑 ☾✧⪼


“My flow FINALLY arrived. It’s funny, I didn’t realize how much I missed it, or that I missed it at all.  I didn’t realize how much it holds the essence of my feminine energy.  I didn’t realize what a disconnect not having an actual flow was. I have been more at ease and peace and felt so much more content since getting my IUD out.  I also don’t think I would have had this response to inviting this part of being a woman back into my life without your training.


This training helped me reclaim some important pieces of myself that I tossed aside a long time ago.  If I had to sum up my biggest take away... it would be learning to honor and love my cyclical nature.  Thanks for holding such a sweet and nurturing space for me Cree.”


-Jenn Peterson, Owner at Infusion Yoga & Pilates Studio

What Is Included With EYF?

⪼ Weekly 2 hr. Group Zoom Call where we will cover the content for each week

⪼ A private Facebook group to keep the vibe and connection going between classes.  This is a place that you can ask questions, share thoughts and even share photos of your cervical mucus if you're not sure what's going on!

⪼ Recording of each class

⪼ Journal prompts, hand outs and guided meditations with lifetime access to all the content 

⪼ Sacred and safe container of sisterhood

Next round of Embody Your Flow Begins fall 2021

 All sessions will be recorded, however if you are not able to attend all of the sessions live, it is highly encouraged that you wait to take the course until you can.​

Option of Taking Embody Your Flow WITH an In-Depth Menstrual Cycle Charting Add-On


If you would like to learn how to chart your cycle using the sympto-thermal method of cycle charting, bringing more depth to your cycle tracking practice, then sign up for Embody Your Flow w/ Cycle Charting when you register.  This will be done in tangent with EYF.

In our first class I will teach you the what, the how and the why of charting.  In the remaining classes, we will review charts together and answer any questions.  It is super helpful to see a variety of charts when you are first learning.

In addition to the base EYF course you will receive:

⪼ 1 hr. Group Zoom Call where you will learn how to chart your menstrual cycle (this is different than the basic cycle tracking we cover in the main course)

⪼ Practical tips and tools for tracking your cycle via the sympto-thermal method and monitoring the signs of your body via basal body temperature, cervical mucus and cervical position

⪼ Regular reviewing and feedback of charts

⪼ Plenty of Q&A opportunity

⪼ Confidence in being able to pinpoint ovulation and better understand your overall cycle and hormonal health

 We will meet every week for the first month and then bi-weekly for the remainder of the course.

Please note that this class will be held on a separate day than the main course and is an additional cost

"The embody your flow class was so much more than I expected.  Cree is so passionate and full of wisdom.  I could feel her big heart and love throughout this experience, which was amazing!  I have so much more love and appreciation for my body and my cycle.  I loved connecting with the amazing women in this group so much!  I learned a lot from all of them.  What a great experience! "

-Joleen Cullens

Joleen Testimonial.jpg


Are you ready to dive in?

I am so honored to be offering this life changing course.

I truly believe that if you implement the practices that you learn in this course,

it will completely transform your relationship with your cycle and your life!


If you are ready to say YES to an empowered life,

then sign up below through either of the two pathways of EYF.  


First option is just the Embody Your Flow course without cycle charting & guidance 

The second option is the Embody Your Flow course WITH extra cycle charting classes & guidance

Enrollment Will Open in Fall of 2021

Contact me here if you would like to be added to the waiting list


 I will not be personally held responsible if you quit your job, leave your relationship or refuse to live life in a way that doesn’t honor your cycle any more.  You are assuming all personal responsibility for the massive transformation that may take place in your life by signing up for this course.

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