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Fertility Enhancement

When choosing to get pregnant, sometimes there’s nothing more frustrating and disappointing than numerous failed attempts.  You may begin to wonder to yourself, “Why is this so hard for me?  What’s wrong with my body?  Am I ever going to get pregnant?!?”  Getting more and more discouraged and disheartened every time your period comes.

Chances are if you’re here, you’ve either been trying to get pregnant to no avail, or you are in your preconception journey and want to make a conscious effort to prepare your body before you begin trying to conceive. 

There are a variety of factors that come into play when trying to conceive such as…


  • Uterine position

  • Hormonal health

  • Years of using hormonal contraceptives

  • Emotional readiness
  • Menstrual cycle health

  • Relationship with partner

  • Sperm health, motility and mobility

  • Health of partner

  • Overall health, diet and lifestyle

  • Proper timing of ovulation

  • Amount/days of high quality cervical mucus

  • Luteal phase count

  • And more…

I assist couples who are trying to conceive with Arvigo Therapy® and teaching hands on cycle charting via the sympto-thermal method of Fertility Awareness, providing support all along the way.

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"Thank you so much!  I finally feel like I have a foot to stand on.  It hasn’t even been a week and I am already feeling way more optimistic and excited, instead of stressed about the future!"

-Jordyn Hymas

Benefits of Cycle Charting: 


  • Gain confidence in identifying your most fertile window so you can get the timing of ovulation right.  (No more trying to have sex every other day for your entire cycle.)

  • Lets you know if you are having a regular ovulation via a shift in basal body temperature

  • Make sure you have a healthy luteal or post ovulatory phase.  This means your body is producing enough progesterone to sustain an implantation and pregnancy.  A short luteal phase can be an unknown cause of multiple miscarriages and/or not getting pregnant.

  • Gain confidence in reading the signs from your body including understanding cervical mucus which is necessary for conception

  •  Get a green light go ahead from your menstrual cycle that your body is ready to conceive, ensuring a healthy pregnancy, birth, baby and beyond.

  • Get a general idea about the overall state and health of your hormones

  • And so much more!

Sample of  the chart used for tracking

Website - Chart.png

Charting helps to build confidence and foster an intimate connection with your body prior to conception.  The benefits should not be underestimated when trying to conceive.  There are many signs coming directly from your body to pay attention to and charting will give you everything you need to confidently identify your most fertile window. 

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Image by Omar Lopez

Fertility Enhancement Protocol with Arvigo Therapy®


Initial Intake Session - 2 1/2-3 hours - $270
Follow Up Session - $120/hr

Sessions are in person only in Salt Lake City, Utah

Hands on Charting for Fertility

Initial Session - 1.5 hrs - $180
Follow Up Session - $120/hr

Sessions done in person or remotely via zoom

10% discount for customized packages paid in full

Call or text 801-836-2193 to book your appointment today

I offer various customized fertility programs to assist you in optimizing your fertility and enhancing the overall health of your uterus to help prepare your body for pregnancy.  Based upon your needs and budget we will create a customized fertility enhancement protocol.

all Fertility enhancement Programs include:


  • Initial intake session ideally done right after menstruation, prior to ovulation (follow the link to learn what an initial intake session entails)

  • A series of follow-up sessions that can vary anywhere from 1-4 times per month

  • Customized support and guidance that may involve journal prompts to explore emotional blocks and limiting beliefs

  • Potential changes to diet and lifestyle

  • Suggestions for overall fertility enhancement

  • Potential additional sessions with hands on charting for fertility

During our first session we will discuss what your personal needs and desires are and create a customized fertility enhancement program.  Partners are always welcome to come to any of the sessions.  Each session can be paid individually or you can save 10% when paid in full.

It is most ideal that we work together for a minimum of 3 months while you are not actively trying to conceive.

However, I will never tell clients what to do, nor that they need to stop actively trying to conceive if they don't feel ready for that.  However, sometimes your body is telling you that it is not ready to conceive and taking sometime off to properly prepare will ensure future success.

If you have been told by someone else or yourself that you are 'infertile', start by changing your language to something like, 'I am experiencing fertility challenges'.  Unless you are truly infertile, changing your language can add a more positive note of hope and possibility as we work together to support your body in what it needs to achieve and maintain a healthy pregnancy.

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"I've never had someone explain things to me that way, but that makes so much sense!"

-Olivia Mcquarrie

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