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Welcome To 
Red Moon Sanctuary

A Sacred Temple Space for Women to Nourish Their Whole Self Into Being

Currently in its infancy stage, Red Moon Sanctuary is an ever evolving community of sisterhood designed to initiate you into the

ways of the feminine

Born from a vision of having a modern day red tent space, Red Moon Sanctuary is an online temple space for women to gather in sisterhood to learn the ancient wisdom of menstruation and beyond.

It is here that we come together to empower ourselves with education.

This is where we come to learn to fall in love with our bodies and our wombs.

It is in this space that we awaken our ancient wisdom and intuition.

It is here that we explore all of the cycles and seasons of womanhood.

Image by Priscilla Du Preez
Image by Julia Caesar
The mission of Red Moon Sanctuary

Is to abolish the taboo around menstruation through education, inspiration and empowerment.


It is a safe space to talk about all the things we're not "supposed" to talk about in regards to

menstruation, sexuality, motherhood and more.

It is here to normalize the things that we all experience

and to remind you that you are not alone.

Red Moon Sanctuary is here to invite you into discovering and claiming your wild feminine nature and to learn to live life in sync with your cyclical ways.

Welcome Home Sweet Sister

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