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20 Minute Quickie


Need some quick and to the point guidance?  This is the perfect option for you.

This reading is done via Marco Polo, which means that you can watch it live or at your earliest convenience.  You let me know your questions and I send a recording to you at our scheduled appointment time.

60 Minute


This session will provide you direct guidance and insight, as well as provide space for you to ask some more in depth questions for further clarity.

You will leave feeling more clear and aligned.

90 Minute


Just like the 60 minute session, but even more time.  This session includes more customized coaching and limiting belief work to set you up on a path of success!

Intuitive Card Readings

All sessions are done remotely via Zoom with the exception of the 20 Minute Quickie which is done via Marco Polo

(you must have the app if you select this option.)


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