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New Moon Woman

Monthly new moon woman's circles in Salt Lake City, Utah

Join us for the 6th year of New Moon Woman!

Cree, along side other women, co-hosts and facilitates monthly new moon women's gatherings.  Each month is a different facilitator and theme.  We have tea, a shared theme and circle shares.  In the warmer months we are mostly outside.

All circles are donation based and the proceeds are given to local charities chosen by the community.

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Cree will be facilitating on January 31st & July 28th

Wild Heart Women's Gathering

A four day women's retreat

at Deer Hill Base Camp Mancos, CO

June 17-20, 2022 (Solstice weekend)

Wild Heart Women’s Gathering is a call to gather as women in the shared rewilding of our true feminine essence. In reconnecting to the earth and sharing our earned and inherited skills, our intention is to further the evolution of our collective feminine wisdom. With dance, yoga, ritual, feasting, song, sensuality and herbal medicine, we send out a primal call to join in this celebration.

Cree will be presenting a class in exploring the magic and beauty that is the menstrual cycle and how your moon cycle can empower you in living a more harmonious and balanced life, with Q&A and a womb inspired meditation.

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Image by Priscilla Du Preez

The Moon Lodge
at Unison Fest 2022

A four day music, art and ecstatic dance festival

at Tico Time Resort in Aztec, NM

September 8-11, 2022

The Moon Lodge is a sacred, safe and intentional gathering space to honor, support and nurture sisters in their moon time.  A co-creative sisterhood of women supporting women. 

A place to learn, heal and awaken our wild and creative power and to provide a retreat space on the festival grounds.


It is a donation based space providing a moon lodge, workshops, herbal tea, chocolate and other nourishing goodies.

This year we will be providing a variety of workshops from multiple presenters on cycle education, sexuality, women's wisdom and more!

Cree will be sharing her wisdom in different workshops throughout the duration of the festival.

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Initiation: A Modern Woman's Rites of Passage Ritual

A three day workshop nestled in a cozy red tent space in Salt Lake City, Utah

Dates to be announced

Initiation was born from the need to integrate ancient practices into our modern lives to bring a sense of integration and wholeness.


We will be recreating the rite of passage ritual that you were never given, calling forth all parts of yourself into the present moment.


It is an invitation to honor your transition from child to maiden and to properly initiate yourself into becoming a cyclical being, journeying through the seasons of womanhood.