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Join Cree Anaiyah for a live call, open to all genders, where we will be diving deep into the luteal and menstrual phase - aka inner fall and winter.  The two most understood and resisted phases of the menstrual cycle that also happen to be the most powerful and spiritually refining.  This is a call that you don't want to miss if you have any desire to cultivate a healthy relationship with your body, cycle and life!


What to expect: 


  • A complete and total refrome on PMS, menstruation and 'that time of the month'
  • What is actually going on during Inner fall, notoriously the not so glorious time of PMS and how this is actually a gift and incredible ally when you know how to work with it
  • How the luteal phase (inner fall) is designed to bring up shadow work, drawing our attention to what isn't working, so that we may heal, course correct and come into a more harmonious alignment with our soul path
  • How partners can cycle with their woman and ways to navigate the underworld terrain
  • The true power of menstruation and why it's important that we honor this time as a collective
  • The gift and light of luteal and menstruation - these are two of the most powerful and least understood phases of the cycle
  • Ways to better support oneself and partners during winter and fall
  • And so much more!

The Light of Inner Fall & Winter

  • Important


    Please leave a note at check out with your email address and what class you registered for to ensure you get the recording.  Cree is still figuring out how to streamline things and for now, this is what needs to be done until she finds a more efficient way.  Thank you for understanding and taking this extra step! 

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