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Join Cree Anaiyah for a live call, open to all genders, where we will be exploring the dance of the inner seasons, aka the four phases of the menstrual cycle.  If you want to understand women, understand the menstrual cycle.  Learn the primal blue print alive within all womb-bodied beings and the effect that this has on mood, emotions, energy levels, relationships and more!


What to Expect:


  • The first 60-90 minutes will be an in depth exploration of the phases of the menstrual cycle including but not limited to...
  • How the menstrual cycle is the life cycle and how it relates to the tree of life
  • The energetic and emotional influences of each phase and how they are intimately influenced by hormones
  • A beautiful journey of how the phases dance and weave together and ways we can all learn to utilize them to optimize energy, reduce stress & improve overall quality of life (and yes men, this includes you because we all know the effect a woman's mood and hormones can have on everyone!)
  • How this applies to you if you are on any form of hormonal contraceptives
  • And more!....

The remainder of the call will be for a live Q&A to make sure all you don't leave with any unaswered questions

Dance of the Inner Seasons

  • Important

    Please leave a note at check out with your email address and what class you registered for to ensure you get the recording.  Cree is still figuring out how to streamline things and for now, this is what needs to be done until she finds a more efficient way.  Thank you for understanding and taking this extra step! 

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