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Updated: Jun 16, 2023

Once upon a time, I was an incredibly shy, self-conscious, insecure, couldn’t say anything nice about myself maiden. I was not connected to my cycle, nor my feminine energy. Let’s be honest. I didn’t even have a concept for what that was.

I was born into a world where menstruation and feminine energy was hardly talked about, nor did I have any examples of what living in sync with your cycle and connected to you feminine essence looked like.

The energy around menstruation was so hush hush and ridden with shame and this deep underlying tone of “there’s something inherently wrong with being a woman.”

When I first started bleeding, there was no welcoming into womanhood, honoring or celebration. I was never told that my blood is sacred. No one ever told me about the different hormonal fluctuations I would experience and how they influence my mood, energy, and emotions every single day.

I was never told that as a woman, my power lies in my inherent feminine magnetism.

I was never taught about any of these things by my mother. Neither was my mother, nor her mother’s mother, nor many of the women in this modern westernized world.

What I did see was crazy pms and painful periods. I grew up in a house with 5 women, all of them older than me. This all just seemed normal. Nothing was ever talked about. There was an inherent disconnection from feminine cycles and an inherited culture belief that crazy pms and painful periods were the norm.

When I started bleeding, I was distraught, in tears and super embarrassed because I was with my dad and he had to take me to the store for pads! I called my mom and she talked to me briefly on the phone and said we would talk more when I was home. Once I got home, she told me I could use tampons or pads and taught me how to use both. That’s pretty much all I remember.

Throughout my teenage years growing up, I had very little concept of what it meant to have a deep, unyielding sense of self-love. I lived a lot of my life feeling very self-conscious and insecure. I was not comfortable in my body. I had a faint, yet untapped sense of what it meant to embody the feminine. I had no idea what it actually meant to be an empowered woman and didn’t have many examples around me.

When I was about 18, I did my first ever retreat called ‘The Awakening’, and it blew my world wide open. This was my first introduction to inner work and taking radical responsibility for my life. Through the people I met, that's where I first learned about energy work, massage therapy, coaching and so many different life paths I could potentially take.

That fall, I signed for a 9 month course based around inner work, healing, coaching and creating life with intention. My goal: to know what self love was.

Around the age of 19, my world began to open up in a whole new way. I began to have an ever so subtle shift in my perspective around menstruation. It all started with a switch to organic tampons, without an applicator.

When I made the switch, something started to happen. I began to sense a connection to my body in ways that I hadn’t before. I don’t remember exactly how or when, but at some point I started to get curious as to the deeper meaning of this whole period thing. Could it really be that women were just supposed to suffer through this time and live a life of embarrassment, pain, shame and hiding? Was it really true that it’s just this thing that happens? And that you're never supposed to talk about it?!?

In 2011, I met a woman who changed the course of my life. She opened my eyes to the sacredness of menstruation and my life has never been the same. I started tracking my cycle and reading literature that spoke to something deep within me. I knew that there was something more to this menstruation thing, just hardly anyone I knew was talking about it!

For the first time ever, I began to discover that there was a pattern to my flow. I started to notice a certain level of predictability. I started feeling empowered and connected to a deep part of myself that seemed to be dormant, waiting for someone to wake her up. I started to establish a connection with my own inner sage. I noticed that much of my cramping came from the fact that I wasn’t listening to my womb, nor honoring the sacredness of my blood.

Discovering the power of my menstruation has been hands down, one of the single most powerful tools of empowerment and transformation in my life

I have learned more about self-care and embodying my feminine nature by honoring my body and its natural cycles.

The dance of learning to embody my flow is always on going. While there’s a theme and a pattern, every cycle continues to be different, always mirroring back to me where I’m at in life and what my general state of health and fertility is.

I’m more deeply connected to my intuition. I know when to rest, when to let go, when to be active and take action. I literally base my life around my cycle every single month and I’ve never felt more empowered. I know when to say yes, when to say no, and when I need the most nurturance and care.

Cultivating a relationship with my cycle has bled over into every other aspect of my life. I had a previous partner say to me, “The way you are with your cycle and menstruation is different from the majority of women I know!”

This way of life is not new. Rather, I feel like I am tapping into an ancient way of wisdom. The more that I’ve come into right relationship with my cycle, the more everything in my life has come into right relationship.

I want you to know that you don’t have to suffer through painful periods for all of your bleeding days. There’s no need to feel ashamed or embarrassed.

When a woman begins her first cycle, this is called menarche. This is her introduction to her power. Every time she bleeds, she gets to dance with her power. Once she crosses the threshold into menopause, she’s living fully within her power.

Our society does not teach us this and it is my mission to help women to rediscover their power through honoring the sacred wisdom of menstruation. The time is now, we are the ones we have been waiting for.

I am committed to the path of healing and supporting women in coming into their power through education, inspiration and empowerment. I am walking the path, right here with you, and I have been for 17+ years.

I am here to teach about body literacy, the wisdom of menstruation and empowered, embodied, authentic living. I am holding the vision of a world where women are so lit up in their passions that the world can't help but be transformed.

In my opinion, living a life of harmonious alignment and connection with your fertility cycle is a non-negotiable.

I often say, "if you want to know feminine energy, know the menstrual cycle."

I am dedicated to empowering women on their transformative journey to reclaim their sovereignty, align with their true selves, and embody radiant health and wisdom.

I’m here for you in whatever way you need. I’d love to be your guide in your journey of healing and learning to live life in sync with your natural rhythm and flow. Your cycle is not your enemy, it is your greatest ally and I’d love to teach you how to honor your blood and come into right relationship with the power of your cycle so that you can live a more empowered, inspired and balanced life.

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