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Cycle Charting


Learning to track and chart your cycle can be one of the most empowering practices

you can take on as a woman.


Some of the benefits include (but are not limited to):


  • Becoming more in touch and in tune with your body

  • Being able to pinpoint ovulation and your fertile window with confidence when you are planning for a conscious conception

  • Utilize your chart to better interpret your menstrual cycle as a fifth vital sign when it comes to health and vitality

  • Cultivating an intimate relationship with your cycle

  • Understand the many ways your body is communicating when you are fertile

  • Use your chart to better understand your cycle as a monthly health report card

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Click image to download and print chart

If you are wanting to use charting to better understand your body and utilize your cycle as a monthly health report card, or you are trying to conceive, I’m your girl.

If you are wanting to use Fertility Awareness Method (FAM) as your primary form of contraception, then you may want to consider working with a certified FAM instructor.  

I am not yet a fully trained and certified FAM practitioner. 


However, I am certified in ‘Hands on Charting for Fertility’ and am confident in helping you to identify your fertile window when TTC.  I can also assist you in pinpointing ovulation, understanding cervical mucus patterns and what your body is communicating through your chart.


Your body is always speaking to you and charting helps you interpret its language

For more details, questions or if you are interested in working with me to learn cycle charting you can visit my Fertility Enhancement page or Message Me for more details

If you would like access to my chart and accompanying documents, click here

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