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Integrating Lifestyle Leadership for Transformative Growth 
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Inspiring women to enhance and support lifestyle values through menstrual cycle rhythms, soul guidance, and an alchemical approach to the body

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I see you. . .

You're a busy woman, juggling a demanding job and household responsibilities, often times feeling overwhelmed and anxious.

You're ambitious, detail-oriented, responsible, caring and empathetic.  You recognize the importance of taking care of yourself but struggle to prioritize your own needs.

Let's face it, you know as well as anyone else that you're often the last on your priority list and quite honestly, it's wearing on you.


You value health, self-care, wellness, and utilize things like yoga, meditation, reading & healthy cooking.  You believe that it's important to take care of your body and prioritize your well-being, but you struggle to implement this in your daily life. 


Let's be real, deep down you feel guilty for taking time for yourself

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I hear you. . . 

You often feel frustrated and confused about your body.  Especially when it comes to your cycle.  You feel like you're lacking the knowledge and resources for managing menstrual cycle health and self-care practices.


You want to learn how to track your cycle and improve your self-care practices to feel more balanced and in control, but feel overwhelmed with how much information is out there and don't really have the time to figure it out on your own.


You are looking for support and guidance in managing your menstrual cycle and implementing a self-care routine that works for your busy lifestyle.


You want someone who can teach you exactly what you need to know and support you along the way, so that you can continue showing up for life as your most authentic self.


Hi Beautiful, 
I'm Cree Anaiyah

Holistic Cycle Mentor,
Master Massage Therapist 
& Celtic Soul Guide 

I Teach Leaders, Visionaries & Change Makers  How to Live Life in Sync With Their Natural Rhythm and Flow

I successfully inspire women to enhance and support lifestyle values through menstrual cycle awareness, soul guidance, and massage alchemy.

I mentor women in consciously designing their lives with their cycles, through cultivating intentional practices that support you in living your best life.

Through implementing individual lifestyle rhythms, you will enhance your ability to show up for business, relationships, your impact on the world, and most importantly - YOU!

Lillibette Testimonial.png

"Before working with Cree, I had a vague understanding of  the phases of the cycle. I knew my cycles had something to do with the moon, but I didn't really know how to harness the power within me. After working with Cree, I now have a much more clear understanding of my life, why I act the way I do, & how to cooperate with the phases to have a much more stress free life."

-Lillibette Thompson 

I am here for you...

I am here to support you in discovering your wild power and falling in love with

ALL of you, not just the parts that are "socially acceptable" and kind.

I am here to remind you of the magic of menstruation and your wild feminine ways.

 We're in this together. 

Wherever you are in your journey,

I would love to support you.

When Women Stand Together in Their Power, Mountains Will Be Moved

What I Offer

What I Offer - 1on1.png
1 on 1 Mentoring

Receive practical, intuitive, heart-centered guidance to support you in your cyclical needs and desires

What I Offer.png
Arvigo Therapy®

Discover the ancient Maya techniques 

 of abdominal massage to reconnect you to your core and optimize your well-being as a woman

What I Offer - Events.png
Massage Therapy

My massage practice is both my art and passion. Come in for a customized, intuitive & therapeutic body work session today!


What Women Are Saying

Working with Cree gave me a positive relationship with my cyclical nature.  Cree is an amazing listener and champion for the divine feminine.  I always left my sessions feeling like years of unnecessary mental & emotional baggage had been released.  I would recommend her to anyone seeking alignment with their masculine and feminine energies.

Angie Castle
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