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Are you desiring support and guidance in living a more
cyclically aware life?

Do you want to gain deep trust with your body, understanding how you are feeling & why you feel the way you do?

Would you love to harness the power of your cycle to best fuel your business life, knowing the best time to do certain things?

Have you learned to disconnect from

your feminine side and would love

to embody more of it?


Are you a busy mom who wants to save some time trying to figure it out on your own and receive direct guidance and support that you can begin implementing right away?


If you're like a lot of the women I work with, chances are you don't really know much about your cycle.  You may not have a negative relationship with it, but your heart knows that there is so much more to discover and embrace.

Maybe you've read some books or listened to some podcasts, but you still feel like you're not harnessing the full potential of living life in sync with your flow.

You know that you can experience more ease, but instead you default to business as usual because you haven't found the best way to implement the new information into your life in an efficient and lasting way.

You wish you were better at doing things on your own, but when push comes to shove you really need someone keeping you accountable and showing you what to do in a customized,

hands on way.

Image by Francesco Mazzoli

Does any of this resonate?

If so, I've got your back!

I offer 1 on 1 mentoring to provide you with all of the tools, resources and guidance you need to feel empowered in living a life in sync

with your flow.


I will give you customized support so that you can effortlessly  step into your full feminine radiance and magnetism.  My intention is to help you create your life so that you feel expansive, joyful, radiant and connected in ALL ways

(mind, body & spirit)

Image by Priscilla Du Preez
Once women of the world are empowered, great healing and change will follow 

"I loved Cree’s gentle guidance.  Her invitation to really show up and do the work.  She taught me something I should already know, but the WAY she delivers it doesn't feel like I'm in elementary school.  I feel like a goddess and she helped teach me about my powers and how to use them.  Her honesty and easygoing personality put me at ease from our first session.  Her willingness to be present with and connected to her own cycle flow helped me to understand how to be present with mine. She is RAW, BEAUTIFUL, FEMININE, POWERFUL, AMAZING. Her passion for empowering women is refreshing and inspirational.”


-Brandy Lund, Maternity Massage Specialist

Do you want to work together?

One-on-one sessions are currently
by application only
fill out the following application
to see if working together
is the best fit!

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“The opportunity to work with Cree was a beautiful and fulfilling experience. The results of it have had consistent, long-lasting and sustainable effects. Cree provides assistance in self-realization that allows you to transform your reality by becoming aware of what you desire in your internal and external life.

She gently helps you shift into a higher perspective and vibration, which reflects back to you how you desire to feel on a day to day basis. Through compassionate honesty, she provides feedback and helps you take accountability for yourself. Cree is great in assisting you while you work through your process of transformation. She leads with example, from the deepest heart space.


Coaching with Cree has greatly benefited my entire reality in multiple ways. I will truly never be the same.”


-Megan Ewert

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